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May 31, 2019

What The Heck Is In Prenatal Vitamins And When Should I Be Taking Them

What The Heck Is In Prenatal Vitamins And Why Should I Be Taking Them By Barbies Beauty Bits

If you are pregnant or are trying to conceive (TTC), I'm sure the question about whether you should take prenatal vitamins is running through your head.

While maintaining or implementing a healthy diet during your pregnancy is essential, you may not get all of the essentials nutrients your body needs and this is where a prenatal vitamin can step in to help fill the gaps.  Heck, even some of us non-pregnant women have taken them every once in a while.

So, What The Heck Is In Prenatal Pills And Why Should YOU Be Taking Them? Well, if you want to find out, continue reading!

For this post, I partnered up with Morning Pep and a local OBGYN. However, because I am not a medical professional, I do recommend consulting with a physician or midwife first.

When Should You Start To Take Prenatal Vitamins By Barbies Beauty Bits

When Should You Start To Take Prenatal Vitamins
Yes, you may have been asking yourself when to start taking prenatal vitamins? Well, according to my OBGYN, you should start taking a prenatal vitamin during TTC, to help kickstart your body. But not all pregnancies are planned so as soon as you find out that you are pregnant, start taking them!

What To Look For In A Prenatal Vitamin
As with anything in life, not all things are created equal, and this goes for prenatal vitamins. So, listen to your Doctors recommendations. While some may suggest a specific brand, most will leave it up to you to select a particular one, like the prenatal vitamin from Morning Pep.

Now before I get into what Morning Pep has to offer with their prenatal vitamins, there are a few musts that you need to make sure a prenatal vitamin contains, according to Dr. Leoa. See them below and the importance they play on the body.

prenatal vitamins for pregancy by barbies beauty bits

Folic Acid: This is a vitamin B and is a must to take when you are pregnant. Some even say it is a pregnancy superhero as it is supposed to help prevent neural tube defects, like a brain and spinal cord defects.

Calcium & Vitamin D: We put these together as they are great for bone strength and growth, especially later in your pregnancy.

Iron: This is not only great for the babies growth and development, but it can help to prevent you from becoming anemic during your pregnancy.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids:
This is important to help to promote the baby's brain development, however not all prenatal vitamins have this, so your Dr. may recommend that you take an omega three supplement.

Bottom line, it is essential to remember that prenatal vitamins need to be combined with a healthy diet. They are not a substitute for not eating well, and proper nutrition is key to a healthy pregnancy and baby, so plan accordingly.

best prenatal vitamins by barbies beauty bits

Morning Pep All In One Prenatal Vitamin
Since I am not pregnant, I can't tell you how these vitamins make me feel like I do with most products on my website. But, I was very impressed that their formula was food based and rich in all the essential nutrients for expecting and nursing mothers as well as….
  • Aiding in Morning Sickness And Nausea
  • The Folic Acid Comes In The Form of L-Methyl Folate, The Most Bioavailable And Easily Absorbed Form of Folic Acid Or Folate.
  • Tablets Are Odorless And Tasteless, So You Do Not Experience Any Side Effects Like Nausea, etc.
  • Includes 25 MG of A Superior Blend of PROBIOTICS & ENZYMES And 800 MCG of Folic Acid (Folate).
  • Supports A Healthy Pregnancy, Breast Health, Healthy Estrogen Levels And The Immune System.
  • May Help Support Hormone-Related Mood Swings.
  • Is Manufactured And Packaged In The USA

How Long Should I Take Prenatal Vitamins?
You should be taking these during your entire pregnancy. Some physicians even recommend that you continue taking them after your baby is born, especially for those that are breastfeeding.

morning pep prenatal vitamin review and discount by barbies beauty bits
Where To Buy And Save Money
Did we say saving money? Yes, we did as we know saving money at this time in our lives is essential. Which is why Morning Pep was kind enough to offer all of my followers 10% on Morning Pep Prenatal Vitamins 4 Month Supply. Simply use the code: BARBIESBEAUTYBITS at checkout to start saving!


  1. I did take prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant. They did seem to help with the nausea at times.

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  5. I took prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant with all my three children. I believe this is important because we cannot possibly so much food to get the nutrients to ensure the healthy growth of our babies and to help our bodies cope with the changes as well.

  6. I took prenatal vitamins before we started trying for a baby. Good to have everything covered.

  7. I remember taking prenatal vitamins. However, I don't remember when I started or what brand as it was over 20 years ago.

  8. Although I don't take vitamins regularly, I always made sure to take my prenatal vitamins when I was pregnant.

  9. Prenatal vitamins are so important. I took them every day when I was pregnant.

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