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March 31, 2019

Top 10 Ways To Pamper Yourself At Home

Whether you work all of the time or are overwhelmed with the organizational tasks of home and kids, time for yourself can seem like an impossible dream. You can only fantasize about an outdoor massage or a day at the spa. And aside from time, the cost of going to a day spa can also be a factor. But beauties let me tell you, you need to find time for yourself. While I know this is much easier said than done, I am going to give you some tips to escape reality and show yourself some much needed me time in the comfort of your own home.

For this post, I have partnered up with Measurable Difference to share with you "Top 10 Ways To Pamper Yourself At Home." I was able to try some of their skincare products and so can you! As having a relaxing day of pampering, doesn’t have to cost an arm & a leg, especially with the 20% discount they have offered all of my readers!

So, if you would like to know how to bring that spa experience to your home continue reading.

Top 10 Ways To Pamper Yourself At Home By Top Ranked Beauty Blogger Barbies Beauty Bits
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Create Some Alone Time
It will be impossible to relax if you have your husband and or children around. So, first and foremost send everyone away for a day of fun with dad, grandparents, their friends, etc. I’m sure they will appreciate this just as much.

Top Tips To Spa At Home

Pamper yourself with a relaxing bath at home by Barbies Beauty Bits

Soak In A Bath
My spa routine will start with creating a calming bath. And nothing relaxes me more than soaking my stresses away with some aroma oils and bath bombs, while listening to some relaxing music, and let’s not forget about enjoying a glass (or more) of wine!

One of the aroma oils I used for my at home Spa day is Measurable Difference Rose Hip Hydrating Body Oil. This sweet, intensely floral hydrating body oil soothes the skin as the fragrance elevates your mood.  I like to add it to my bath water. But, you can also apply it to your damp skin after you get out of the bath.

If oils are not your thing, bath bombs are a great way to relax, moisturize and detoxify, turning your bathtub into a pampering spa experience can help improve even the most stressful of days.

Measurable Difference Rose Hip Hydrating Body Oil review by barbies beauty bits and dealspotr

Hair Treatment
Treating my hair to an invigorating shampoo & deep conditioner, to keep my tresses healthy is a must.
  • First,  I start with a good scalp soaking; you want to make sure that you get all the areas ensuring you are removing all the dirt!
  • Next, I use a Sunday Shampoo, to detox my hair and rid any product residue, build up, etc.
  • To get the full spa experience, you want to scrub your scalp gently in small circles; this will also help to loosen any styling products or loose skin.
  • A Deep Conditioner:  Restoring your hairs moisture is essential, and it isn’t that difficult. There are a lot of great products out there that you can use for at-home treatment, make sure you get one that will fit your hair needs.

Cozy Up in Style
Plush Robe
Wrapping myself in fluffy plush robe is a must and if you can find a quality one, it will last you a while, so it is worth the investment.  I will say that I have seen some great ones at Overstock or TJ Maxx.

Soft Slippers
Putting on slippers is the perfect way to transition from the outside world and feel like you are actually at a day spa.

Sipping On Fruit Infused Water
While I would love to drink the entire bottle of wine, that is not wise. One thing I so love that my hair salon offers is some refreshing spa water to drink. It is straightforward to make, add some cucumbers and mint to some very cold distilled water in an infuser pitcher and you are on your way to enjoying that spa amenity at home. If cucumbers are not your thing, you can add citrus and or berries as they are also wonderful and very flavorful.

infused spa water recipes by barbies beauty bits

Water is a great way to detox yourself as it is the ultimate purifier, replenisher, and hydrator and it is great to help to flush out toxins. Also, by adding fresh fruits, herbs, and even cucumbers, it increases the nutritional benefits and tastes so much better.

Pamper Your Skin With Some Skincare
Once you have soaked your stresses away, it’s time detoxy your face with a face mask. Measurable Difference has some great masks, and the one that I tried is their Charcoal Detoxifying Face Mask Infused with Cucumber Extract.

I love this pore purifying mask as it is a great way to re-energize and restore suppleness and prevent signs of fatigue from a stressful week, in just 15 mins.

After 15 minutes, remove the mask and lightly massage remaining serum into the skin for maximum results.

Bonus Tip: Use the remaining serum in the mask pouch for your neck, shoulders, back, and hands for extra pampering results.

Treat Yourself To Your Favorite Meal
Enjoy your favorite take-out meal. I prefer to have something delivered, so I do not have to cook. With Door Dash, it is easy and quick.

Do Something Mindless
Doing something that relaxes you even more.  It can be your favorite book, a girl movie or even applying some makeup. Using makeup to me is fun, and it allows for creativity. But since I am at home by myself (or at least until the family comes back), a glowing, glistening face makes me feel pretty. One product I enjoyed from Measurable difference is their Hi-GLEAM Highlighting Stick Glistening. This creamy formula keeps your cheekbones, nose, and collarbones looking sun-kissed even after sundown, for a minimalist look.

So there you have it beauties, my top 10 ways to treat yourself to a day spa in the comfort of your own home. Are there ways you like to pamper yourself? If so comment below as we'd love to know!

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  1. I will keep these in mind for sure. I could use some pampering.

  2. I love the idea of pampering yourself at home, thanks for sharing these tips.

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  4. Just reading this post made me feel better! Great tips!

  5. Just reading this post made me feel so much better! Great tips!

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