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October 13, 2017

Get Your Mask On This Friday The 13th With Double Dare Spa And Octoly

Get Your Mask On This Friday The 13th With Double Dare Spa And Octoly By Barbies Beauty Bits

Move over Jason as I have my own way to my “MASK” on this Friday The 13th with Double Dare Spa & Octoly.  These facial masks are OMG! wonderful.  I have been using these Double Dare Spa masks for the past few weeks, and I am in love and would love to give you a few quick beauty bits on these amazing masks!

The Mask Set
This Premium Mask Set is a 5 Piece Bundle. Not only does it come with a cute headband (6 colors to choose from) to keep your hair out of the way. But it comes with three different masks, each with its own purpose, depending on your skincare needs. And let’s not forget about the brush for application!

Bubbling Mask
First up is the 2 in 1 kit detox bubbling mask and a microfiber mask. One mask will cleanse and detoxify the skin while the other will feed the skin with various nutrients!
OMG! 2 in 1 kit detox bubbling mask and a microfiber mask review by Barbies Beauty Bits
Bubbling Mask Love

3 In 1 Peel Off Mask
2nd Mask is the OMG! 3 in 1 kit peel off mask that also includes a finishing moisturizer. This bad boy is infused with 24K gold and is multi-functioning which is excellent for anti-aging as it instantly boosts the skin. There is a mask for your face, neck and under eye area and when you peel it off, complete your treatment with the hydrating finishing cream!
Double Dare Spa 3 In 1 Peel Off Mask review by Barbies Beauty Bits

4 In 1 Kit Zone Mask
Last but not least is my favorite mask the 4 in 1 Kit Zone mask system. I love this kit as it contains charcoal which is fantastic at reducing the pores and helping your complexion not only to appear younger, but it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!! Plus, it targets all areas of your face, improving your overall skin appearance!!!!
4 In 1 Kit Zone Mask Review By Barbies Beauty Bits

So what are you waiting for? I double dare you to try out these masks for yourself today by clicking here!

Double Dare Spa Mask Review With Barbies Beauty Bits

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