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September 10, 2017

Beauty Blogger BS, Why People Really Wear Makeup

Cutting Through The BS; My Truth About Why People Wear Makeup By Barbies Beauty Bits

I am writing this post out of frustrations of narrow-minded thinking when it comes to beauty, makeup, bloggers, etc.  If you follow my blog regularly, you will notice I only share positive.  I only talk about products I like and rarely share negative reviews. Not because I do not want people to know, I am trying to hide something, or I am being paid to say something. But, because I feel that most reviews are opinions, not facts and I do not want to impact a product's success with my negative thoughts as they are just my opinions NOT FACTS. In most cases if I do not like something I kept it to myself and if the product was sent to me for a review and if I did not like it, I offer to send it back.

With that, today I am going to touch on a topic that I see arise a lot on YouTube and Instagram, with people making comments about you don’t need to wear makeup, you look better without, stop hiding behind your makeup, etc. I am not talking about the random opinion comments, but those spewing negativity, because of their insecurities. Reading this frustrates me so, as in my view, it is narrow-minded thinking, that people who use makeup use it ONLY to cover up something or to live up to a standard. Which nowadays is not always the case. Yes, I wear makeup, but there are times, I will go days without washing my hair or even bathing, (yes, I shared that fact) to show you it is not about acceptance.

Beauty Blogger Bullshit By Barbies Beauty Bits

My Truth About Makeup
I love beauty and makeup for one simple fact, the creativity it gives me to express myself. I am a creative person, by profession and in my personal life. My approach, as well as many others, is, I am artist and makeup is my medium of choice.  I view my hair, face, body, etc. as a blank canvass, and the makeup and other cosmetics products I use are the tools to apply my artistic approach, expressing my creativity, ending with a final creation or master piece. Makeup is my palette, the same as paint is to a painter. I am not wearing makeup to hide or conceal anything, but rather to express my artist point of view.  Whether it be bold or simplistic, it is my form of artist expression.

Other Reasons Why I Wear Makeup
Aside for artist expression there are other reasons that I wear makeup, fix my hair, etc.

Starting with, I wear makeup for myself. I do not give a rats ass what others think. Nothing I do in my life is to impress others as I do not care what others think. To be happy I need to be happy with myself. At the end of the day, others thoughts are only opinions and do not define me!

While there are many times I look like the below, I like to wear makeup because it makes me feel feminine and purrty. Yes, it is nice to get all dolled up every once in a while, and makeup can help make this more fun!

No Makeup look by barbies beauty bits
No Makeup
Makeup Has Evolved
Makeup like other things in life has changed. While I would agree there are some people out there that use it to hide behind or to cover up some insecurities, I believe that more so than ever that people are using makeup as I do, as a form of expression or as a statement.  I do realize that most may not consider cosmetics as a kind of art as if they did I would not see this plethora of spewed negativity.

With the popularity of Instagrammers, bloggers, and vloggers, the modern makeup culture has progressed. While you may not have to embrace this for yourself, the narrow-minded thinking about makeup and the beauty industry needs to STOP. Why not reconsider your thinking and understand that today's makeup culture is not always about hiding or a standard for beauty, but that it can also be a form of art! And most important that you love yourself with or without makeup!

The Truth About Why People Wear Makeup By Barbies Beauty Bits

Misguided Approach
Now I am not narrow-minded, understanding that some are using makeup for approval or acceptance. Unfortunately, with social media and photoshopping, our physical appearances may not always be true. Meaning overly photoshopped beauty ads and filtered selfies that can misrepresent the truth, while setting standards of unrealistic expectations, primarily to those with low self-esteem or youth that are highly impressionable.  But as I say, “It is how you deal with the cards you are dealt,” just because you see something in an ad, does not mean it is the truth, that is a standard, or that you must resemble that. Remember as I said in the beginning, it is a point of view, NOT A FACT.  Stop allowing ads and others to cultivate this into your mindset and start making decisions for yourself, coming in with the thought process that makeup is a form of art, NOT a standard of appearance!
The real reason people wear makeup by Barbies Beauty Bits

Stop Your Stinking Thinking
Overall the purpose of this post is to speak up and say it is time surpass the media's marketed standards and reconsider cosmetics entirely.  More importantly, stop allowing it to be impressionable upon you as we are in control of what we accept and what we do not.  Have an optimistic approach to cosmetics, thinking of it to artistically express yourself, rather than buying into the message that it is a necessary method to alters one's appearance to fit into some crazy society of how some should look.  This crazy thinking, unfortunately, is something that we have learned over the years and it needs to stop.

Bottom line, makeup is a form of art, not something that defines someone, or standard of living that society has put upon us and we agree to accept.  Stop that stinking thinking about makeup and use it to reflect who you are!

Being Real


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  1. People are entitled of their opinions, but that doesn't mean they're right. There probably are people who wear make up to hide behind it, like there are people like you who enjoying playing with it and people like me...who are lazy and barely put on foundation, bronzer and mascara! Youtubers and bloggers who slam people for wearing make up are childish and frankly...I bet good money that the insicures they're talking about are themselves! But then, this is just my opinion...


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