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August 3, 2017

The Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend And Soniclear Only $49 On HSN

The Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend And Soniclear Only $49 On HSN By Barbie's Beauty Bits

Beauties, do I have a deal for you on HSN.  This is one offer you need to take advantage of as it is for TODAY only and this is one the cheapest I have seen these two amazing products, The Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend and The Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear.

Michael Todd Beauty is known for their innovative technology in skincare devices, specializing in SONIC products! Sonic technology is amazing for the skin as not only does it clear your complextion of dead skin cells, but it also preps the skin for the absorption of skincare products!

While Michael Todd Beauty has a lot of amazing skincare products on the market, these two, The Soniclear Petite and the awarding winning Sonicblend makeup brush are some of the most famous amongst beauty experts, influencers, and lovers like myself. And now they can be yours for only $49 a piece at HSN ONLY, that is over 40% Off!

So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this HSN Beauty Deal before they sell out!

Want to be in the know on deals like this? Then make sure to follow Michael Todd Beauty on Instagram!

The Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend And Soniclear On Sale At HSN By Barbies Beauty Bits

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