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July 2, 2017

Treat Yourself To Something Nice; Statement Diamond Rings With Anjolee Jewelry

 Statement Diamond Rings by Barbies Beauty Bits and Anjolee Jewelry

These days women are not waiting for that special someone in their life to buy them some diamonds.  According to a recent article I read, about 30% of women are treating themselves, especially those over 40. Primarily because they have achieved success, and they want to treat themselves, but not all women wait until they have achieved in their careers to treating themselves to a diamond.

Usually, people that are buying diamonds for the first time go in for a ring.  A statement DIAMOND RING adds beauty to the hands of the wearer. Additionally, women will purchase a diamond ring for the investment value, as unlike clothes or a car, you do not need to replace a diamond. Hence the expression, Diamonds Are Forever.

Diamond rings come in several designs and shapes, from the bold statement designed ones to the simplest fashion ring, depending on your need and taste, Anjolee’s has a style for you! And that is why I was excited to partner up with them on this blog post.

Womens statement rings by barbies beauty bits and beauty over forty
About Anjolee Jewelry
Anjolee, The Art Of Jewelry is the originator of the diamond tennis bracelet, now how cool is that?  They have steadily expanded over the years into a full range of quality diamond jewelry, from bridal pieces and fashion rings to bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Additionally, they offer a unique customization experience, and their packaging of their products, oh my they are an experience in themselves. AND if that wasn’t good enough, Anjolee is committed to keeping the environment clean, with their innovative and eco-friendly manufacturing facility. They apply creative ways and technology that keeps the environment safe.

What To Look For In A Diamond Ring
Well, I am not a pro at this, but it doesn’t matter as Anjolee is there to help you. They offer diamond education, which is cool.

Anjolee jewelry Bold Diamond Flower Ring by barbies beauty bits and beauty after forty
The 4 C's
I’m bringing this one up as most of us have heard about the four universally accepted characteristics that grade diamonds. They are recognized as the 4 C's: Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. The value of a diamond is based on a combination of these four categories. By modifying these characteristics, you can find the best diamond for your desired price.

Put A Ring On It, A Right-Hand Ring
Put a ring on it, a Right-hand finger that is.  A diamond ring is certainly more stylish than a regular gold ring or white gold ring.  Here are a few ideas followed through the ages, about how to wear a diamond ring.  It is stylish to wear your diamond ring on the right-hand fingers; it’s been around since the 1920’s, where women during the prohibition movement, would be taking part in the underground drinking scene, sporting oversized rings the purchased with their own money!

Which Finger
After further research, I found out that each finger represents something different. For instance,
  • Index finger: Those with a family crest
  • Thumb Ring: Wealth and Power
  • Pinkie: Indicated Professional Status
While those findings are interesting, there is no rule. So, whether you are doing so to reflect independence or even to mark a milestone, a bonus at work, whatever the reason, right-hand rings are a must have, and Anjolee has tons of styles to choose from that will fit into any occasion.

My Experience With Anjolee
I was able to experience Anjolee’s service personally, and for my statement ring, I selected the Bold Diamond Flower Ring. 

This unique flower shaped ring catches your eye with its bold design. The petals of the flower are perfectly set with round, sparkling diamonds to capture your heart. Whimsical and magical, this ring has a big look that will light up the room! I so love it! And the packaging, is gorgeous as it comes in a lighted ring box, which is a beauty in itself!

Some other specs on my ring
  • 14k White Gold
  • Carat: 0.68 ct.
  • Diamond Color: HI,
  • Diamond Clarity: I-1
Anjolee jewelry diamonds by barbies beauty bits and beauty after forty

Now you may be concerned with ordering online but no worries as they offer free returns and shipping with a 30-Day refund policy, with 100% refunds if you are not satisfied. Additionally, you also get a free Anjolee’s certificate of authenticity, verifying your diamond color, clarity, cut, carat weight, shape, diameter, the number of stones, polish, fluorescence, metal type, and appraisal value.

In conclusion, whatever your reason for wanting to buy a statement diamond ring, the trend for right-hand expression rings is the perfect excuse to indulge in a ring either for yourself or a loved one and Anjolee is here to help, whatever your taste and budget! Their beautiful diamonds are available in a variety of styles, quality combinations, and costs.


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  1. This ring is marvelous!!! Diamond is such an amazing thing to wear and the best part its it can be carried either with a funky dress or with a particular dress. Recently, I have bought amazing hawaiian titanium wood rings and they are so elegant to wear. I must say, it's a worth buy product.


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