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May 20, 2017

The Purrfect Way To Control Cat Litter Stink With The Litter Genie

The Perfect Way To Control Cat Litter Stink With The Litter Genie by Barbies Beauty Bits

While I am a BEAUTY lover, I am also a cat lover! So keeping things BEAUTYful for my kitty is also important! And that is why I was happy to partner up with Litter Genie to shut the lid on smelly cat litter, as my Bella wants her room to be BEAUTYful as well!

Ooh, That Smell, Can't You Smell That Smell?
Yeah, there have been times both Bella, and I have been singing that tune! While mine is the old Lynyrd Skynyrd’s classic song “That Smell,” neither of us want that smell to surround us. But rather to banish the cat litter odor from our home completely, and that is exactly what I did with the Litter Genie!

No more stinkies, PLEEASE

About Litter Genie®
The Litter Genie® is your nose-friendly, hassle-free cat litter disposal system.  This genie holds up to two weeks of stinky cat litter, and with the seven-layer refill bags, it helps to lock in the nasty germs too!

Bella and I love that the Litter Genie® is so easy to use.  This hassle-free compact cat litter disposal system is PURRFECT.  It is very simple to use and is small enough to keep in the bathroom in my condo!

Review on the Litter Genie By Barbies Beauty Bits
YEAH, it's about time
How To Use
Line the Genie with the odor barrier refill bag, and scoop the poop, with the scooper that comes with the set.  Next, open the lid and drop in the clumps of litter and other stinkies. Once you do that pull the handle and the clumps are sealed away, with no more smell! It is that easy, plus the added antimicrobial protection inhibits odors causing bacteria to linger in the pail!

How To Empty
This is simple as well, just open the Litter Genie unit at the middle and use the built-in childproof cutter to cut the bag and then tie it!

What Comes With the Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System
  • The pail
  • The Refill of 14 ft. of bags
  • Scooper
  • Scoop Holder

Cost’s Of The Litter Genie
    • LITTER GENIE® PAIL $14.99 – $16.99 (MSRP)
    • LITTER GENIE® REFILL $5.99 – $35.99 (MSRP)
      • This bad boy's refills, last up to two months for one cat and is available in single, two and four-pack pack options.
      The best way to eliminate litter odor by barbies beauty bits
      It's cuddle time, now that we're using the Litter Genie

      Where To Purchase
      The Litter Genie® is available in Petco, Pet Smart, Target, Walmart,, and some other retailers where pet products are sold.

      Final Thoughts
      This system is MEOWtastic, we love it and have shut the lid on smelly cat litter, by joining the stop cat litter smell movement and so can you by going here!

      Until next time!

      I am Sweet, but I don't like stinky litter!



      1. I shall recommend this to my daughter. She has a cat (Jangles) and needs this!

      2. The Litter Genie sounds like an absolute lifesaver, offering a hassle-free way to dispose of cat litter while sealing in those unpleasant odors. Maybe, I can use this my dogs.

      3. I would suggest this to my girlfriend she has a cat. Which I know she would use this product.

      4. The Litter Genie seals in odors, creating a more pleasant environment for both you and your cat. It's a simple solution that can make a big difference in managing litter box odors effectively, so I couldn't agree more!

      5. Will share this with my friends who have cats. I am sure they will appreciate this..

      6. It's so important to have a living space that feels clean and welcoming, both for us and our pets. The Litter Genie sounds like a game-changer, and I'm all for anything that can help keep those unpleasant odors far away!

      7. That sounds like a must-have item for cat owners. My husband used to have cats but didn't have that. -LYNNDEE

      8. The little geniew sounds good. THough I dont have kitties but my friends who have the will appreciate it!


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