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February 5, 2017

A Touchdown With Itcosmetics Confidence In A Compact SPF 50+

Itcosmetics Confidence In A Compact SPF 50+ review by Barbies Beauty Bits

Well, today is the super big game day and what a great way to “kick off” this super day than with some super great makeup, by Itcosmetics!

Itcosmetics is my favorite team, so to speak when it comes to foundation and coverage. Developed with plastic surgeons, not only does it provide an incredible coverage it is also great at “tackling” some of your skincare issues!

And their new Itcosmetics Confidence in a Compact SPF 50+  is no different, it is truly a foundation game changer. It is the first ever solid skincare serum, infused with full coverage and SPF 50.  The groundbreaking serum technology is combined with an anti-aging hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, squalane, antioxidants and a super ceramide cream that can transform your complexion, the way Itcosmetics makeup does!

The Great Players
There are many different components that make up this compact! It serves as…
  • An anti-aging serum that has helped with improving my skin texture
  • Full coverage foundation that helps to even out your skin tone
  • An SPF 50
  • And while it is a compact, it has an airtight lid protector, so the makeup does not get all over the mirror or the sponge.  I like that you can keep the sponge separate from the foundation itself, helping it to stay fresher and cleaner, longer.
Itcosmetics Confidence In A Compact SPF 50+ by Barbies Beauty Bits
The Line Up
The Itcosmetics Confidence in a Compact is perfect for all skin types, not only does it apply smoothly, but it also helps boost your skin’s natural regenerative cycle. Per the Itcosmetics website, the proprietary Anti-Aging Armour Regenerative Concentrate™ in the serum foundation is activated upon contact to immerse your skin's moisture, restores visible radiance, helps reduce the look of pores, discoloration, lines and wrinkles, and improving the look of firmness.

How To Put Your Game Face On
For an “Extra Point” this compact comes with a sponge that you can use, while it sure is a kicker, I prefer to use my Itcosmetics Heavenly Skin™ Skin-Smoothing Complexion Brush, for my makeup score! Simply swirl the brush into the solid foundation and buff onto your face for the winning point! The formula transforms into an ultra-lightweight serum foundation for a mess-free, weightless coverage that is not heavy on the skin! I also noticed that it gave my skin a dewy appearance as well, which is a plus as I am not a fan of a matte product!

Itcosmetics Heavenly Skin™ Skin-Smoothing Complexion Brush review by barbies beauty bits
The Team Colors
As will all Itcosmetics products, they have a color for any skin.  There are seven team colors to choose from!
  • Fair (Porcelain)
  • Light (Fair-Light)
  • Medium (Light-Medium)
  • Medium-Tan (Warm Medium)
  • Tan (Rich Medium)
  • Rich (Deep Tan)
  • Deep (Rich-Tan)

Just like the super game that for the first time went into overtime, Itcosmetics has done something for the first time as well.  Itcosmetics is known for their makeup, and while tons of us have wanted a skincare cream, it was a while before they developed one.  It took them seven years to develop this product I'm about to share with you.  Itcosmetics believes that great skin starts with confidence and that is why they named this SUPER cream, Confidence in a Cream™.

 Itcosmetics Confidence in a Cream review by barbies beauty bits

Itcosmetics Confidence in a Cream™ is a quick-absorbing cream that transforms your skin with each application by boosting your skins natural regenerative cycle giving you a more supple, healthier, younger-looking appearance.

This  cream also helps to...
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Give your complextion a smoother texture
  • Enhance firmness
  • Reduces the look of pores and discoloration

The Key Ingredients
Ingredients are important when it comes to skincare if you want the best results. And this product has been impressive so far for me.

The Confidence in a cream contains…
  • Super ceramide complex
  • Collagen
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Colloidal Oatmeal
  • Peptide Infused
  • AND You can use this cream to help your makeup to last longer!
So, there you have it beauties, my way of showing my Super Team Spirit, with some super great products by Itcosmetics!

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  1. ok - how ADORABLE is this theme for this makeup post?? Love the Patriots and so I am loving this lineup. And also a MAJOR fan of It Cosmetics. Just started using it a month ago, and now keep adding more to my stash!

  2. how great! I have quite a bit of IT cosmetics in my collection and I love everything. Their face products are some of the best that I have tried.

  3. I've never actually tried anything from it cosmetics! We don't really have the brand here in the UK so I'd have to order it from the US that's why I've never tried it but I've heard so many good things about them - especially about the base products & the concealer! x

  4. Love all the makeup tips and products, I'm not a football fan so I'd wear this any day of the year!

  5. These products look like they work really well. I love how you related the post to the Super Bowl too!

  6. Cute post! I love the make up, and I was needing a new moisturizer. Confidence in a Cream sounds perfect.

  7. HA! love all your football references! I have been wanting to try this and think your post helped to determine if it was for me! Thanks!

  8. I love how you themed this to tie into the superbowl! Fun writing! I admit I haven't heard of this company but looks like they offer great products!

  9. What a clever post, you did such a good job linking it to the superbowl. I haven't heard of this company before but the makeup looks great!

  10. I really wanted to like It cosmetics but I found it to a bit cakey on my skin! I'm so glad that it works for you though!

  11. These products look really fun. It's neat that you connected the makeup to the Super Bowl!

  12. These products look amazing! I am always looking for cosmetics that make me feel super confident.

  13. I love the way new make-up looks, it's so shiny and pretty :) I need some new cosmetics, I will have to check these out!

  14. Love this! All of these products look amazing. I have never really paid much attention to make up or anything but I want to check a couple of these products out! - jeanine

  15. Absolutely brilliant post! I have not heard of this brand before but I love all the details you shared for a newbie like me!

  16. I love It cosmetics, I would love to get to try their foundation! It looks great!

  17. I've never heard of this brand but it sounds great. Thank you for your honest review of it and hope to try this soon.

  18. Omg just love It Cosmetics!!! I'm kinda addicted to makeup so I own a ton of their products.

  19. I've never tried anything from IT Cosmetics but I've heard so many good things about their makeup! I love the look of the Complexion Brush :)

  20. That compact looks great. I really love It Cosmetics. They are a really good brand and I use a bb compact that looks very similar to that.

  21. I've loved everything I've tried from It Cosmetics. I'm excited to try out this new Confidence in a Compact. So glad they have two pale options.


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