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December 18, 2016

Tips To Achieving Glowing, Smooth Skin In The Winter Months

Tips To Achieving Glowing, Smooth Skin In The Winter Months by barbies beauty bits

While the weather outside may be frightful, this doesn’t mean your makeup and skin need to be as well.  During these cold winter months, our skin can sure be affected by these blistering cold winds. So today, I wanted to share with you a product that can help you to have that radiant beauty, even in the winter months.

Dry, itchy skin affects a lot of us and can be most prevalent during this time of year- when the humidity and temperature drops-making our skin particularly vulnerable to dryness and cracking. That is why it is important to take extra special care of skin during the winter, as no one wants to apply makeup to their skin when it is dry and flaky, highlighting our imperfections.

The Solution 
Boy do I have a product for you that can not only smooth the surface imperfections for an incredibly bright complexion, but it also includes rejuvenating ingredients such as retinol and milk protein 20 that condition, balance, and protect the skin from environmental stresses.

Studio Gear PRIME OBJECTIVE SKIN PERFECTING FACE PRIMER Review by barbies beauty bits

So, what is this product? It is Studio Gear’s PRIME OBJECTIVE SKIN PERFECTING FACE PRIMER.  I’ve been a big fan of this companies makeup brushes and that is why I was excited to try out this primer and just in time for the holidays!

With these temperature dips, my skin has sure been craving more moisture and by me adding this primer into my regimen I could really seal in and retain hydration, which sure is a plus.

The PRIME OBJECTIVE is a silicone based face primer that acts to “re-touch”, or visually diminish, imperfections in the surface texture of the skin. PRIME OBJECTIVE contains a sustained release liposome system with retinol that can help support cell turnover and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as a milk protein complex that can help to balance and protect the skin against environmental stresses. The “skin perfecting” effect of this state-of-the-art formula is further enhanced with optical diffusers.

Look For Key Ingredients

Fragrance Free
Another great thing about this product is that it is Paraben-Free and Fragrance-Free, which is essential when are face is exposed to these frigid temperatures as products with fragrances in them can also lead to additional irritation and dryness, which can result in premature wrinkles!

I was very excited to find out that this product also has retinol in it.  You see, there are tons of damaging elements that are skin is exposed to every day, like dust, pollutants, sweat, even makeup, all of which can age the skin. Retinol (Vitamin A) is a useful product that helps diminish these signs of aging and visibly contribute to improving the appearance of your skin.

best facial primers by Studio Gear and barbies beauty bits

Makeup Application
Aside from the skincare aspect, this facial primer helps to prep the skin for makeup applications. I’m sure we’d all agree that dry flaking skin is a nightmare to dry to apply makeup. 

If you follow my blog you know my thoughts on primers, they are a must.  Without them, your makeup will sit in your pores, create false wrinkles, while leaving a dull appearance...period! On the other hand, when you do use a primer, you'll find that your foundation will have a much smoother finish while minimizing the appearance of pores and fine lines and this primer has really help keep my facial makeup in place, while adding that extra glow just in time for the holiday season!

Want To Have The Glow Too?  
Well now you can with as Studio Gear is offering all of my reader 10% off, simply use the code: BB


  1. I will try these out. My skin can get so dry in the winter and I hate it.

  2. A glowy primer looks so good in the winter! It gives your face just enough shimmer and hydration to almost mimic the dewy look of summer!

  3. I love the tips for getting that winter glowing skin. I need all the help I can get.

  4. Winter is here and my skin can get really dry and rough. so thank you for these tips. I cannot wait to try this primer

  5. One of the things we need to prioritize this winter is our skin. I would love to achieve a smooth and glowing skin

  6. This is such a really great and amazing product! I would really love to try this one!

  7. I need to look into this because my skin during the winter months is always dry. The ingredients retinol and milk protein sound just what I need to balance and protect my skin especially when I wear my makeup.


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