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November 8, 2016

5 Ways To Rev Up Your Fall Beauty Routine, With Glossybox

5 Ways To Rev Up Your Fall Beauty Routine, With Glossybox and Barbie's Beauty Bits

Fall is upon us and with the change of season also comes time to change up your BEAUTY ROUTINE! And Glossybox is helping us to look FALLtastic, with October’s box!

This Glossybox included some skin loving treats to helps us pamper our skin as well as some products that allowed me to bring my Autumn on!

So, if you want to find out how you to can get your Autumn on continue reading!

Glossybox October 2016 review by barbies beauty bits

The last thing we want is to have our skin look as try as leaves so introducing some skincare products that can soothe and relieve your skin is a must!

Unani Il-luminate Milk Cleanser

Adding a daily cleanser that isn’t that harsh on your face is skintastic.  With the change of humidity in the fall months, the last thing you want to do is to apply something on your skin that could be potentially irritating! And this gentle cleanser contains nutritious natural oils that purify and protect the skin by removing impurities as well as makeup, leaving the skin ever so soft while restoring its elasticity.
Full Size: $18

Masque Bar by Look Beauty Lemon Essence Sheet Mask
As featured in Allure magazine, Look Beauty Face Sheet Masks are Luxurious enough to be mistaken for a pricier product.  These masks combine ingredients to make your skin feel smoother and moist after one application. Furthermore, the cool air can also leave our skin less hydrated, so using a product like the Look Beauty Sheet Masks, can provide hydration as well, which is the key to smoother, rejuvenated skin.

This mask blended some key ingredients like lemon extract, collagen, and Vitamin E to help purify, refine and soothe the skin!

These masks come in a box of 3 with a variety of options.  I am a big fan of these masks, depending on your issue there is a skin solution for you!

Masque Bar by Look Beauty Lemon Essence Sheet Mask by barbies beauty bits

Aromessence Néroli Hydrating Oil Serum
Ohh La La, this 100% natural serum oil from Paris was fantastic! Ingredients are what makes one product’s success stand out from another and having a skincare product that is free from artificial coloring is a plus in my book.  It's important to stay away from synthetic dyes, as this can cause some skin irritation. This serum is concentrated in hazelnut botanical oil and enriched with essential oils of neroli (one of the most expensive essential oils around), sandalwood and petitgrain.  The serum moisturizes the skin for hours for a more radiant complexion.

BONUS: Did you know that it takes 1000 pounds of orange blossom flowers to produce one pound of neroli oil? I sure didn’t.

Give Your Locks Some Love
In the summer months, we have put our hair and scalp through the wringer by exposing them to chlorine, salt water, and the hot summer sun for that sun-kissed highlight.  And because of this, you may be experiencing some dry brittle hair and some breakage!

 OGX Anti-Hair Fallout Niacin3 + Caffeine Root Stimulator Spray by barbies beauty bits and glossybox

But fret no more as Glossybox included a great hair product by OGX that can help give your summer damaged strands the strength they need to stand their ground against daily damage and breakage.

Because of the limited sun exposure in the fall, this is an excellent time to treat and stimulate your scalp with OGX Anti-Hair Fallout Niacin3 + Caffeine Root Stimulator Spray.

This potent blend of niacin3 + Caffeine, Alpha Hydroxy Acid & natural DHT blocker, encourages a healthy scalp environment and helps prevent hair fallout caused by breakage.
Full Size: $8

It is time to swap out some of those corals and pinks for some deep reds and burgundy. And one of the simplest ways to get a pop of color on your lips and cheeks is with the Emile Makeup Lip & Cheek tint.  While they say, it is versatile and complimentary to any skin tone, you do need to be careful when applying, as it does dry quicker than you think, so blend out soon.
Full Size: $19

Change up your makeup routine in the fall by barbies beauty bits and glossybox

So, there you have it beauties, some great ways to rev up your Fall Beauty routine with October's 2016 GlossyBox.

Want to get whisked away with your own GLOSSYBOX, well you can by getting your very own subscription. The cost for a GLOSSYBOX subscription is anywhere from $17.50 a month to $21, depending on which payment plan you choose!

So what are you waiting for, this month's box had 3 full size products and 2 sample products, totaling over $70 in products, so treat yourself today!

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  1. You received some really awesome products in your glossy box. I wish we had it here too!


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