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November 24, 2015

4 Ways To Repair And Restore Damaged Hair

4 Ways To Repair And Restore Damaged Hair By Barbie's Beauty Bits.
This is a Sponsored Post on behalf of Hask Beauty

If you are like me, I have done everything to my hair! From perms in the 80’s to an ombre style most recently, my hair has been through a lot.  My secret has always been to use great products to repair, restore and maintain healthy hair!  But what happens if that is not your truth, but instead your color treatments, hair dryer and curling irons have left your hair drab and lifeless?  Well, know worries as I’m here to share with you 4 Ways to Repair and Restore Damaged Hair, making your hair the envy of all.

For this post, I have partnered up with Hask Beauty.  Hask has been around for over 50 years.  They specialize in hair care products featuring exotic oils from around the world. Utilizing high-quality ingredients and amazing fragrances, the HASK Exotic Oil line provides consumers with high-performance, salon quality results and the best part it is at an affordable price.

Before I share with you the 4 Ways to Repair and Restore Damaged Hair, I feel it is important to make sure that I mention great hair starts in the shower.  Therefore, you want to make sure that you are using the products that have the right ingredients. One of the key ingredients to restoring parched over styled hair is Keratin protein. Keratin Protein is the stuff that your hair, skin and nails are made of, so no wonder it's powerful and restorative for your locks.  Therefore wouldn't it make sense to add a keratin protein to your hair routine, leaving you with shiny, hairtastic hair!

Hask Keratin Protein Treatment by Barbies Beauty Bits

As I mentioned above, great hair starts in the shower, so first up is the Shampoo! Hask has a great Keratin Smoothing Shampoo that is infused with hydrolyzed keratin to reduce frizz and block humidity! Plus it smells amazing!

Hask Keratin Smoothing Shampoo By Barbies Beauty Bits

Tip 2: Keratin Smoothing Conditioner. This conditioner gently smoothes and detangles your hair, leaving your hair soft and revitalized with an incredible shine.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that when you are using this product that you apply generously and leave on for 1-2 minutes and make sure you rinse thoroughly! 

Tip 3: Keratin Smoothing Deep Conditioner. Using a deep conditioner is a plus as it is designed to penetrate deeper into the hair. It is perfect for over processed and color treated hair.  The Hask deep conditioner has a special ingredient that helps reduce breakage, static and drying time! 

Hask Keratin Smoothing Deep Conditioner by Barbies Beauty Bits

How to use? 

For best results, you want to make sure that you are applying to clean wet hair.  A trick to penetrating your hair deep is to make sure that you squeeze out the excess water, with a cotton t-shirt. (See the bonus tip below).  Massage into hair focusing on damaged areas. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse well. Style as usual.

Tip 4: Keratin Smoothing Shine Treatment. This shine hair oil gives that over-processed hair a miracle makeover.  It is lightweight and alcohol-free leaving your hair with an amazing shine!

Directions:  While this oil can be used on both wet and dry hair.  I found that when I applied it to my hair when it was wet, I wasn’t left with an oily residue. Apply a coin-sized amount evenly throughout hair, AND avoiding the root area. Style as desired.

I know I only said four tips, but I have to bonus tips for you!

How to dry your hair with a tshirt instead of a towel by barbies beauty bits

Bonus Tip 1:  Drying your hair.  Instead of using a towel swap it out with a t-shirt.  A towel absorbs most of the moisture from your hair leaving the hair frizzy.  Plus, a t-shirt is flat with no roof edges, so it glides right through your hair with less friction. Less friction equals less frizz!

Bonus Tip 2: Sleep on a silk pillowcase.  Regular pillowcases are abrasive leading to friction, silk pillowcase have little friction, so no more knotty, ratty hair.

So there hair you have it beauties...4 Ways to Repair and Restore Damaged Hair!



  1. Never knew that about a t-shirt & towel! cool!

  2. Love HASK products. Haven't tried this one yet. Thanks for sharing

  3. Clever idea switching out a towel for a tshirt! I'll have to give that a try.


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