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September 25, 2015

8 Beauty Trends From Fashion Week, That We Need To Be Sporting Now!

Looking for Fashions weeks top Beauty Trends... Beauty Trends We Need To Be Sporting Now, by barbies beauty bits

Welcome to the first of many, of what is in the "NEWS" in the beauty and fashion world.  During this series, I will share with you, right off the presses, articles and information from some of the big wigs out there! 

This post is going to start off with Some Beauty Trends From Fashion Week...  

Beauties, it's only been fall for a few days, but there is already a buzz about some of the biggest beauty trends for spring 2016.  While there were so many great fashion ideas, and makeup looks to die for during fashion week, I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to attend this year.  However, I would like to share with you some sneak peek looks from Elle, hot off the press.  Whether you’re a rebel or a traditionalist, Elle broke it down to 8 beauty trends we need to try NOW!

1.    Cobalt Blue Eye Shadows
2.    Vibrant Lip Colors
3.    Effortless Hair Ideas (think basic ponytails, undone buns)
4.    The French Manicure
5.    Adorned Hair Accessories
6.    Short Hair Cuts: Including fringe bangs, crop curls, shags and more. 
7.    Gloss All Over. (Think some Vaseline on the cheekbones and lids as well as under the eyelids).

Find out trend number 8, and more details about the "8 Beauty Trends We Need To Be Sporting Now, by Elle". CLICK HERE FOR THE REST OF THEIR STORY.


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