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August 25, 2015

Tip Tuesday: Tontouring, The Newest Beauty Hack To Contouring!

Tontouring, The Newest Beauty Hack To Contouring, By Barbie's Beauty Bits and Marissa Carter

There are so many beauty techniques out there; it is hard to keep up.  The big makeup talk for years has been highlighting and contouring, that was put on the beauty map by Kim Kardashian.  But boy has it gone to another level.  Now we have Strobing and Tontouring.  But what are these beauty techniques all about?

Well, I guess I’ve been strobing for years and just called it glow lighting.  But Tontouring, I’m so sad that I didn’t coin this phrase as I’ve been doing it for a while, (but with airbrush tanning).

So What Heck is Tontouring? 

It is a term that has been coined by Marissa Carter, the founder of Coco Brown, who demonstrated this technique in her snapchat account and has blown up in the beauty world!  This technique is a longer lasting way to contour.  Instead of contouring with a bronzer or a foundation that is a few shades darker that your skintone, you can use a self-tanner to “tontouring”, giving you a longer lasting look.

“It’s every woman’s dream to look good without makeup, and this technique gives you the opportunity to wake up looking naturally perfectly contoured,” Marissa Carter told the Daily Mail. “This technique means you only need to contour once a week as opposed to every day.”


So Why Is Contouring Such A Big Deal?  

The purpose of contouring is to create the perfect cheekbone, define the nose and enhance the overall structure of your face.  However, once you wash your makeup off, bye bye goes your sculpted thinner looking face!  Using the Tontouring technique will allow you to have that look even after you wash off your makeup, as the self-tanner will last for days!

So if you want to find out more about Tontouring, read Marissa Carter’s step by step Tontouring guide here!



  1. I can see why it would be a lifesaver for those people who feel they have to do this every day x

  2. I've seen CoCo Brown before, earlier this week. I really need to check out her stuff. It seems really, really good! And since I've recently become addicted to self-tanning.....yeah, this is right up my ally!

  3. Ah this is a brilliant idea for those who use self tan!

    Jess xo

  4. It sounds great and saves time, but I'm not sure if I would do it though x

    Pink Frenzy

  5. This looks so simple to do. I've always tried to master contouring but I haven't managed to do it yet! xo

  6. Oh cool! I saw Wayne Goss video about it the other day. I think it's interesting and a great trick for a lasting contour!


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