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April 22, 2015

Getting My Bling On With Rocksbox Monthly Jewelry Subscription

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Rocksbox
All views expressed are my own and were not influenced in anyway.
Getting My Bling On With Rocksbox Monthly Jewelry Subscription, by Barbie's Beauty Bits

I recently became an ITgirl for the company Rocksbox, which is a monthly subscription that gives you unlimited access to rent from an ever-rotating closet of designer jewelry!  That’s right, every month I get three pieces of jewelry to wear on loan! And the best part it is delivered right to my doorstep!

Each piece of jewelry has been carefully hand selected personally for me, based on a survey I take!  I get to wear this gorgeous jewelry as often as I like, and when I’m done I can swap it out for three new pieces! It’s a jewelry lover’s dream come true!


Rocksbox monthly jewelry subscriptions by barbies beauty bits

Now before I get into how this plan works, I wanted to let you know about the three pieces I got for the month of April.

In addition to the jewelry, they sent me a few personalized notes that you can see above.  In the introductory letter they sent me, it read the following:

Barbie: I noticed that you chose this necklace on your style survey, so I put together a set of pieces to wear with it! These will look beautiful with anything in your closet. Have fun with your new jewelry!
Xo, Rocksbox

Now For The Bling!

The Ring, Margaret Elizabeth Ophelia Cocktail Ring in Aqua:
Oh my, I am so in love with this cocktail ring, it is a dazzler!  I've been wearing it every day since I got it! (I think I’ll have to purchase this one). 

Margaret Elizabeth Ophelia Cocktail Ring, Rocksbox & Barbies Beauty Bits

Details on the ring: A large, oval, faceted center stone surrounded by White Topaz Pave. It is made from sterling silver and hand dipped in 24k gold. The central stone measures ¾" in length. Need I say more?

Hand Made Enzara Earrings:  A gold plated teardrop shaped earring with a black bone center piece.

Hand Made Enzara Earrings Rocksbox & Barbies Beauty Bits

Gorjana Greer V-neck Necklace
: Keep it simple with this sleek 18K gold plated necklace! I can wear this as an everyday piece or with a simple black dress!

Gorjana Greer V-neck Necklace Rocksbox & Barbies Beauty Bits

Fall In LOVE With A Piece?
Now, I know some of you may think, but what if I fall in love with one or all of the items (someone after my own heart).  Well, no worries as you have the option to purchase any of the pieces from your Rocksbox set.  Plus, each month you will get $10 in Shine $$ to spend to apply towards your purchase! 

Return Anytime to Get 3 New Pieces:
Because this is a loan program, if you don’t want to keep any of your Rocksbox pieces, you can return them at any time and as OFTEN as you like. So, if you're going out of town or have a special date that weekend, you could easily send the jewelry back and have 3 new pieces waiting for you for the weekend! Each box you get comes with free, prepaid shipping both ways and fits easily into the mailbox!

The cost for this program is only $19 a month, to get you three pieces of designer jewelry; worth an average of $200 per set.  If you want to keep any of the items, each is priced with a Rocksbox Insider price! Yeah, I know what a deal! And if you think that is a deal, do I have a better one for you! Rocksbox is allowing me to offer all of my readers 1 FREE MONTH OF ROCKSBOX! Simply use the code Barbiesbeautybitsxoxo and you’re ready to start enjoying some bling on me!

So there, you have it beauties a great way to get pampered every month with some hand selected jewelry just for you!  It's like your own personal jeweler on call! Enjoy!

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