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December 5, 2014

5 Tips To Beautiful Brows This Holiday Season!

 Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of  Billion Dollar Brows.
Views expressed were not influenced in anyway. 
Barbies Beauty BIts, 5 Tips To Beautiful Brow This Holiday Season! Billion Dollar Brow

With my "BOW TO THE BROW" Series, I was able to bring you an entire month of ways to achieve beautiful brows! Well today, I am going to end this series with a chance for you to treat yourself to the gift of beautiful brows.

For this giveaway I have partnered up with Billion Dollar Brows.  Billion Dollar Brows is the only cosmetic company that is solely dedicated to eyebrow health and beauty. 

For those of you who have followed this series, you have seen the importance of brow maintenance.  A great eyebrow, is similar to a great frame that can take an ordinary picture to a different level.  You should view your eyebrows as such.   Great looking eyebrows can form a frame around your eyes taking them from Boring Brow to Brow-tastic in a matter of minutes.

The bottom line with this "BOW TO THE BROW" Series, is no matter what product you use on your eyebrows, it is in ADDITION to your eyebrow maintenance.  Getting them threaded, plucked or waxed is NOT enough.  That is like getting your hair cut but never styling it, you need to take your brows to the next level this holiday season, and Billion Dollar Brows can help you do that!

With that being said, Billion Dollar Brows is proud to offer their bestselling Universal Brow Pencil, Brow Duo Highlighter, Brow Gel and Smudge Brush PLUS a bonus gift of a custom designed pencil sharpener in an amazing holiday gift set, which can all be yours!

Win a billion dollar brow holiday set by barbies beauty bits

If you aren’t one of the lucky ones who wins this.  Don’t worry as you can purchase this set for only $34.99. And if that wasn’t enough, I am going to share with you, my 5 tips to beautiful brows this holiday!

Step 1:  Apply Brow Pencil

Product: Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil - This universal pencil is a self-sharpening pencil which goes on smooth and natural for all hair colors and skin tones.

Start by taking the pencil & twisting the tip up slightly and get ready to define your brows.

How To: I always use the eyebrow mapping approach with 3 dots, when using an eyebrow pencil. (See image to the right)

Give yourself the gift of beautiful Brows this season, by Barbies Beauty Bits and Billion Dollar BrowsFirst Dot:  Go to the corner of your eye, closest to the nose to measure the starting point of your eyebrow.  Place the universal brow pencil vertically from the inner corner of your nose to the inner corner of your eye... Place a dot here indicating the start of your eyebrow.

Second Dot: The Arch: Align the pencil horizontally from the tip of your nose to the outside center of your pupil or the middle your brow bone, place a dot.  This is the arch & the highest point of your eyebrow, so keep this in mind when placing the dot.

Third Dot: The End: Align the pencil from the outer corner of your nostril to the corner of your brow to place your final mark.

Once you have completed, you want to connect the dots and fill in the brow with tiny strokes; think of tiny hairs when applying the pencil.  And always make sure to twist the pencil back down after using to ensure longevity of the pencil.

Step 2: Blending

Using brush (located on the other end of the brow pencil) blend the pencil into your brow hairs.  IMPORTANT: You want your brows to look natural, so you want gently brush the brow hairs upwards into place.

Step 3: Highlight

Product:  Brow Duo Highlighter
- This was a great bonus to get this.  I really liked that it has both a highlighter and concealer!   Brow Duo highlighter gives you an instant eyebrow lift.  Perfect for most skin tones.  It allows you to highlight your brow bone, and for those quick needed touch-ups, the universal concealer comes in quite handy!

How To Use: Apply a line of the highlighter under your brow following your arch as well as above the arch, with two small dots.(see image above)

Clean Up: The concealer end, can be use to clean up any mistakes you've made! 

Step 4: Apply & Blend

Product: Smudge Brush-This synthetic straight edge brush is great for applying creamy products, like the highlighter.

How To Use: Gently blend the highlighter into your skin and the brow line to frame & define!

Step 5: Set

Product: Brow Gel Clear -  The finishing touch for giving your brows a polished, manicured look.   This gel will allow you to seal the deal so to speak, by locking in your look, keeping your brows perfectly in place all day.

How To Use: Apply the wand applicator over the pencil creating the perfect brow.

And now the chance for you to give yourself the gift of beautiful brows this holiday season... Enter to win below.


  1. My brows are a hot mess. I need all the help I can get.

  2. I love Billion Dollar Brows products. I have their brow gel and it's amazing for defining my brows.

  3. My brows are pretty filled out but I love when companies have these kits, Makes doings your make up so much easier.

  4. I have just started buying products for my brows as they seem to lighten the older I get. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  5. Nice giveaway! TOo bad I can't join..

    Thank you also for sharing the tips! :)

  6. Great tips! Just that I am not the make up person. :) ANd I have the thinnest brows!

  7. I dont usually do my eye brows but this festive seasons I think I need to make an effort

  8. I just recently started grooming my eyebrows but not like this. I'd love to get this kit & actually take the time to look like I have perfectly groomed brows.

  9. Thanks for the tips! My brows are a mess and I really need to invest in some of the products mentioned.

  10. I could use some help with my brows. These are great tips. Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. Ahhhh love this!!! I'm an expert when it comes to makeup but my brow game can use a little help ;-)

  12. i could definitely use some help in the brow department! Great giveaway!

  13. I love beauty! Great tips and giveaway as well!

  14. Great tips, I love strong brows but I've never tried marking the different points on my eyebrows before. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I hate to admit but this could be the very thing I need for my thinning brows. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I'd like to get my brows done professionally. I think it would be a nice treat and I've never had them done.

  17. Before I try any of this stuff I need mine plucked or waxed. I don't do anything with my brows. I did get them waxed once and I liked how it turned out but never maintained it.

  18. Thank you for providing more information for the Billion Dollar Brows Holiday Giveaway. Along with the product announcement, I am glad you provided details on how to use the brow pencil. I can understand the drawing my I tend to not start at the same place so I am going to try this new way. Good tips.

  19. What a great tutorial. I entered to win. Fingers crossed.

  20. I think I got my eyebrows 'cleaned up' by a professional only once in life, and don't do much maintenance on them overall. BUT, I love seeing how clean and neat other people's looks when they take the time to shape them.

  21. Such a perfect guide! Brows (when done right) would make one look so beautiful!

  22. I'm really bad about doing anything with my eyebrows. I really should start. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I'm still learning how to define and shape my brows. I could usse some really great advice.


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