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November 25, 2014

5 Easy Tricks To Getting Your Neutral Eye Shadows To Pop

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of  Paula Dorf.
Views expressed were not influenced in anyway. 

I'm going to share with you today, 5 easy tricks to getting your neutral eye shadows to pop.  For this post, I have partnered up with Paula Dorf Cosmetics once again.  They sent me their Aztec City Palette to try.  This palette, has just the right balance of professional and flirty.  I was surprisingly happy with this set, as I’m not always a big fan of nudes!   But, this Aztec collection gave me many options.  I was able to create a basic nude look, use the blue & other classy colors for a vibrant twist and create a mesmerizing mix of all (which was my favorite look). The sleek mirrored case contains a specially designed double-ended brush, along with five shades of shadows that are nicely pigmented.  Additionally, there was minimal fallout with this product, which allowed me to transform my eyes to the bronzed beauty of the desert, with the perfect combination of the bright blue sky.

Before I get into my 5 tips to making your neutrals pop. I want to let you know a little bit about the Paula Dorf Brand. Paula Dorf is famous for unique "trick" products that offer solutions to every woman's makeup concerns. Their products are high quality and admired as the best in the business by fellow professional makeup artists, celebrities and most importantly, makeup lovers from around the world.

So what are my 5 tips to making your neutrals pop?  It’s relatively simple and once you start this, you will become addicted.

Step 1: Start with a primer, but not just any primer.  When I apply neutrals I like to use a primer that comes in a different finish. There are a few colors to choose from, I prefer to use one that has a white or pinkish tone to it.  Aside from increasing the longevity of the eyeshadows, using one of these help to make the eyeshadows more vibrant. How to...  Apply an eyeshadow primer to the entire eyelid, from upper lash line to brow, and don’t forget the lower lash line if you plan to add some color there too!

Step 2: Follow up with a base.  With the base you want to simply apply it over the primer.  Doing so is going to allow the eye shadow to stick to the lid even more.  A creamy base also allows you to intensive the color pay off of the neutrals! If you don’t have a base color, you can improvise with using a nude eyeliner.

Step 3: Layering: When it comes to neutral colors, I like to choose a medium color for my entire eyelid, than layer on the other hues.  The crease of the eye is also an important area, you want to use the darkest color for this spot. So how to.  Simply take your shadow brush and apply your eye shadow, it is important to blend it into the base. You can do this by wiggling it along this area where you applied the base, creating a darker color.

Step 4: Blending. You want your eyeshadow to look effortless, not like a bunch of harsh lines.  The Paula Dorf's palette made it really easy to blend. As the key to great blending is to have 4 to 5 colors, ones to include as nude, a medium color, darker color, and then the darkest.  And for a memorizing look, a pop of color. Which is what I did with the blue in this palette. 

Step 5: Finish off the look with a great mascara & falsies.  For this look I used my black mascara, false eyelashes, as well as Paula Dorf's, Teal Mascara.  I used the teal mascara on my bottom lashes and on the corner of my lashes.  I was able to add a few more beauty tricks with the mascara. But you’ll need to check to the video below to see this.. as well as the other looks.

So there you have it beauties, a few tricks to getting your neutral eyeshadows to pop and appear more vibrant.  And just in time for "Black Friday", I have a special offer for you. A free Paula Dorf Teal Mascara with purchase! Use Code TEAL to get the deal!

Watch the video and let me know which looks you liked best. Or if you have some tips to make your neutrals be more vibrant let me know!


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