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February 22, 2014

Tea Please; The Unusual Uses For Tea

Tea Please; The Unusual Uses For Tea By Barbie's Beauty Bits

The crazy things your parents did when you were younger either will haunt you, or as an adult you will see the crazy benefits and repeat them.  Well, this pantry to pretty bit is one of those embarrassing childhood memories... Don't Tease Tea's Me Please.  Yes, this is a post about tea; the unusual uses for tea bags to be exact!

Stinky Shoes:  This is the one my mom used to always do, minus the embarrassing story. Which is to place a tea bag in each shoe.  The tea bag would absorb the stinky odor! Tea bags also work great for gym bags.

A Cleaning Solution:  Brew your old tea bags to make a cleaning solution.  The tea will help cut the grime from your mirrors and counter-tops. IMPORTANT: You want to make sure when using it on your counter-tops that it doesn't stain.  Some older or cheaper counters, I would refrain from using this solution on them.

A Soothing Relief:   Tea bags are also great for soothing cuts, sunburns, and swollen eyes.  Here are some additional tips on bagging those puffy eyes.

Removing Hair Build Up:  This one I got from my friend Teresa and I just recently tried it.  It really works wonders on removing build up from hair products.
  •  How To: For this you are brewing some tea, once brewed take the warm tea and rinse it through your hair.  I would also be careful if you blond hair, I'm not sure if this will effect the color, so be cautious.

So next time, instead of tossing that tea bag over board, keep it! Bon Voyage!


  1. Who knew! I want to try it on my hair. Hey the ankhs for sharing!

  2. I will NEVER throw another tea bag away again..........I have 3 teen boys (and a MR.) who's shoes stink to high Heaven! Thanks for sharing this lol.

  3. I never knew all of these uses for tea bags! This is amazing to know for when I pick up another pack of tea. Do you know anything about tea light holders? I'm looking into getting some of these too.
    Celine |


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