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October 5, 2013

Grocery Bag Storage Ideas

Grocery bag storage ideas by Barbie's Beauty Bits
When we hear the word Kleenex, we probably think of the ads; Softness Worth Sharing.  But, in this case, the boxes the tissues are in are worth sharing as well.  Besides from being decorative, they can be re-purposed for storage.   Now some of you may be thinking, why reuse a tissue box and what are you reusing it for?  Well let me tell you… grocery bag holders.  If you are like me, I reuse these bags as trash bags in my bathroom, as they fit nicely into the smaller trash cans, but storage has always been a problem.  I primarily kept these bags in the  kitchen, in one of the nice and dandy bag holders I have purchased at a store.  However, that didn’t work as the kitchen was down the hall, so I tried many other alternatives, like storing them under the bathroom counter, or sometimes I left them on the bottom of the trash can.    

Frustrated as they always ended up everywhere,  I decided to place them in a square box near my toilet, where I thought, they would be nice and tidy.  Then again, this didn’t work so great either, as they would all come out at once, and no matter how I tried to be creative and roll those like those images I’ve seen on Pinterest, it never worked like it showed in the picture.  But I, being me, if I can’t do it how someone say’s, come up with a BB Bit, and I did.  Use the darn Kleenex box as the holder, so there you have it, my solution.   

Below you will see my start to finish process on this.  The "first" image is a decorative box, "second" image is a tissue box from the store, and the "third" image is one I crafted myself, by adding a little bling to it!

First Try...The Box

Grocery bag storage ideas by Barbie's Beauty Bits

  Third Try...The Bling Tissue Box
Ways to store grocery bags by barbies beauty bits


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