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September 21, 2013

The Best Mascara

The best mascara by barbies beauty bits

My all so favorite mascara that lengthened, curled, an added fullness, was no longer made; Hence, I've been on the hunt for my new miracle mascara, for the past month.  The search was much harder then I anticipated.  I mean my goodness, I’ve tried enough mascara's this past month, that could fill up an entire mascara department.   I know all the DIY tricks for long luscious lashes, but without the right mascara, your lashes are doomed for failure.
Macs, In Extreme Dimension Lash Mascara Dupe By Barbie's Beauty Bits
Maybelline’s Volume Express, The Rocket At Work (this is just one flawless coat)
What I did discover in my searches however, was a lot of what these companies claim,  are not true.  Most mascara’s, honesty, the issues lied with the brush and the tube technology, more so then the formula.  None the less, after many tries to my longing lusting lashes, today I finally found mascara that skyrocketed to the top of my mascara musts...Maybelline’s Volume Express, The Rocket.  This 8x bigger, smoother mascara, adds length instantly, making this the best mascara in my searches. Additionally, it separates the lash which is a big must, when it comes to mascaras for me.   Furthermore, Maybelline’s The Rocket, also, curls, without clumping.  The brush, takes some getting used to, as I prefer the thin longer brushes that touch each lash, giving amazing separation. The patented supersonic brush glides on smoothly, in a single stroke leaving your lashes voluminous with no smudging.  As with most mascara, you should never apply mascara to dry mascara, so for best results, do not let it dry between coats. Lastly, this flawless mascara is suitable for all, as it comes in 3 shades; blackest black, very black, and brownish black!

So there you have it, mascara worth lashing out at; an a drug store brand at that.  This mascara even the beat Macs, In Extreme Dimension Lash (it's a close dupe) at a third of the cost! Oh and don't forget to finish with a heated eyelash curler, to get the curliest eyelashes ever!

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  1. Awesome! I need a new kind and I will have to try it!

  2. My favorite brand of mascara is also maybelline! I agree its about the brush more than anything! Thanks so much for linking up to Makeup Monday!!

  3. Hi! I love this kind too. Like you mentioned, I love how it separates the lashes (my worst fear is clumpy mascara). I actually add a layer of Falsies mascara over it at the edges. It's awesome!



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