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August 20, 2013

When Does Makeup Expire?

When Does Makeup Expire, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

 Keep it or Delete it? 
Trying to purge your inbox can be a major overhaul, especially if you don’t do the upkeep.  The same applies to your makeup beauty box. Holding on to your favorite makeup can be a big no, no.  But why, because some makeup needs to be deleted, AKA tossed out, like makeup, like other products expire.  Expire?  Yes, you read correctly, I said expire.  But when does makeup expire?

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as most other products, where an expiration date is printed on them or the packaging.  According to, the FDA website, cosmetic companies are not required to print expiration dates on the labels of their cosmetic products.  It is, however, left up to the manufacturers to determine the suggested shelf life of a product.  But, these voluntary guidelines, developed by the cosmetic industry, can vary.  For example, an all natural makeup can have a suggested expiration date sooner than one that is not all natural. Overall, the concern is with bacterial growth.

So when does makeup expire?
Well, before I tell you the suggested guidelines, I’d like to share a tip I learned from the girl at Ulta; that European cosmetic companies place codes (period of time after opening) on their products.  For instance, the letter M, that stands for months, like 12M, which is 12 months.  Furthermore, she made an obvious point, which if your makeup starts to smell weird or if the consistency and color have changed, get rid of it!  Especially, products used near the eye, as you don’t want to put any bacteria in that area! So without further ado, my makeup expiration guide from me to you(this one's a keeper)...

When does it expire? 6 Months

When does it expire? 1 Year

When does it expire? 1.5 Years

When does it expire? 2 Years

When does it expire? 2 Years

When does it expire? 2 Years

When does it expire? 2 Years

When does it expire? 2 Years



  1. Awesome article! I Always wondered about this stuff! #NAILgasmTV

  2. Thank you for this informative post.I think makeup products should come with expiration dates. I know some do but not all. Great post! :)

  3. found you from Makeup Monday, linky... Followed!
    I'll be honest I'm pretty good about chucking my mascara every 6 months, but I keep eye shadows way over 2 years! lol I just can't part with them!


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