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April 1, 2013

Makeup Dupes, I Spy Series

This is the first post of my, I Spy Series, where I feature great finds, whether tidbits, products, or even tips from others.  That I plan to share with you each month!  To kick off the program, I will be doing a few posts this month.

My first find, is the Dupe List by Temptalia.  We all have a product we love, and whether it is no longer produced, or maybe it’s out of stock. This website will allow you to enter in a product, an it will let you know a similar product for it… How Genius; it's a ladies dream come true.

Aside from finding a copy cat, according to the website “The Dupe List" is here to help sort through all of those duplicate products, so you don’t end up purchasing a lot of the same items but by another name.  Additionally, the Dupe List may be helpful for those looking for an affordable version of a higher-end product.  I mean why pay the higher-end price if there is matching product out there for cheaper? Furthermore, you are able to see just how similar it is, and ways it may differ.

So How Does It Work?

This site allows you to sort by brand, shade, and type.  Excited to stumble upon this great find, I decided to check out my all-time favorite eye shadow, which is MACS Carbon eyeshadow.  There were approx 12 dupe shadows for MACS Carbon, and there were quite a few that were 100%.  For a full Carbon dupe list click here.
Makeup Dupes for MACS Carbon, Milani Pitch Black and Black Temptalia, , by Barbie's Beauty Bits

Carbon Dupes That Are 100%

  • Black, by NYX

  • Self Portrait 2, by NARS

  • Lucifer (Ludwig Palette), by Kat Von D

  • A Drinking a Glass of Shine Palette (#8), by Wet & Wild

  • Pitch Black, by Milani

As you can see by the image to the right, where I currently pay $15 for MACS Carbon, two of the dupe products are priced much lower.  Milani, Pitch black is only $4.49 and NYX Black is $4.50!  I'm buying these tonight; I'll keep you posted. 

Don't forget to click here to find the dupe for your favorite product! And lastly, make sure to watch the video below for another great MAC dupe...Until next time!

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  1. Oh nice! I love dupes! Especially when I can't spend so much!
    Thanks for the info!

    Followed u threw bloglovin and GFC

    1. I've become a big fan of these! More For Less is always best for me!
      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. NYX seriously has the best dupes, I LOVE NYX products!

    1. They do, I've found a few I really like! Thanks for the comment...

      Until Next Time,

  3. I love dupes, thanks for sharing that site. I however am not sure if I will sway away from MAC, but I'm looking

  4. MAC eye shadows are the best for me as well. But, there are some awesome finds on here! Thanks for the comments Marie, you are a great follower of my blog and I truly appreciate it.

  5. I love Mac dupes. Thanks for sharing

  6. Love the video! Your blog is great, I'm glad I found it!

  7. Great money saving tips. Wet & Wild also frequently has $1/1 coupons in the Sunday paper.


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