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January 23, 2013

The Coolest Socks Ever


Review on Keysocks by Barbies Beauty Bits, wearing socks with heels
   You Are Heeled…
Now You Can Wear Socks 
With Your Heels!

Yeah, I'm so excited!  Therefore, this is one short but sweet review you have to read!

Any of those who know me, understand why the mall is my home away from home; a place where you can find and see anything!  Well, in my shoe shopping frenzy, I met a lady, who had the coolest socks on.  I know, how can socks be cool, well I'll tell you, with  KeySocks, they can.

These knee-high socks are the greatest invention, and they are a must try!  No more stinky sweaty feet in your shoes, nor will you have cold feet,  as now you can wear socks with your heels. These spectacular socks are the one and only no-show knee high sock. Whether you wear pumps, flats, or both, you can keep your feet warm without showing that you are wearing socks! I don't really need to say much as the picture says it all.  I will, however, let you know that black is not the only color. If you click on the image below you will see some of their other great colors, which can be purchased as a pair or in bundles! Oh, and one last thing, you have to put the socks on prior to putting your pants on, so check out the video as well.

How to Put on Your KEYSOCKS & Pants


For more information, please check out their blog or website! As we said above, these socks rock and I give these socks, five thumbs-up or in this case toes!

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Tracey from the shoe store
KeySocks Blog:

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