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October 15, 2012

Applying Fake Eyelashes

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LASHING Out Today!
Love the look of fake eyelashes, but getting them on can be frustrating?
Applying Fake Eyelashes By Barbie's Beauty Bits
Instead Of Spreading The Glue On The Lash, Apply It To The Upper Lash Line!

Here is a BB Bit on applying  fake eyelashes. Instead of spreading the glue on the lash, apply it to your upper lash line! By doing it this way, instead of applying glue to fake eyelash first, you’ll be able to move the lash around, and it won’t stick to places it shouldn’t.

IMPORTANT:   You want to make sure that the glue is tacky before you place your eyelash.  If you are using a brush to apply the glue, wait about one minute before you stick your eyeliner brush into the glue.  If you are using the brush on type, I just apply it to the lash line and wait a few minutes before applying the lashes. 

Glue: I prefer to use the Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive. This brush one glue helps to make it fool proof as well!

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  1. Thank you,thank you! This is the best tip ever, I tried it last night. I'm telling all of my friends about this one!

  2. I'm glad it worked for you! Keep checking back as I have another eyelash series coming up. Blink, Blink!

  3. There are different glues as well. I recently purchased one that has a brush with it, have your tried this? I really like it!

  4. I love this tip on how to apply fake eyelashes. I can now wear them more!! Thanks Barbies beauty bits on this great fake eyelash tip.

  5. This is awesome! I use this technique alot with the glue that has the brush with it. This approach is fool proof. I can't thank you enough for sharing. I love your blog!


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