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September 26, 2022

The Glow Guide: How To Keep Your Skin Bright Year-Round

The Glow Guide: How To Keep Your Skin Bright Year-Round, Barbies Beauty Bits

Barbie's Beauty Bits Glow Guide To Keep Your Skin Bright Year-Round

A natural glow is a sign of youthful, healthy skin. You can lose your skin's radiance to factors such as lack of sleep, stress, the food you eat, and free radical damage caused by environmental factors.

Good news: you can transform dull, tired skin into radiant, glowing skin! So if you are ready to get your glow on, continue reading Barbie's Beauty Bits Glow Guide to keeping your skin bright and glowing year around.

Schedule Professional Facial Treatments Regularly For Glowing Skin
Have you heard about the 80/20 principle regarding working out and eating? You can also apply this concept to your skincare routine.

Yes, 80% of your results come from your at-home skincare routine and 20% from professional treatments. Both play a vital role in maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

This is why Barbie's Beauty Bits recommends you schedule regular professional facials performed by a skincare professional- which will ensure that your complexion stays bright and glows from within.

But what is the best facial treatment to encourage that elusive glow? Undoubtedly, the no-brainer choice is the increasingly popular Glow Facial, available in-salon in Melbourne, Australia. Involving laser treatments and superior skincare products, this facial treatment will keep your complexion bright and glowing so that it shines with health.

This treatment is ideal for dull, lifeless skin and will restore, rejuvenate, refresh your complexion, and help you achieve that coveted glow we all wish for.

best skincare products for glowing skin, barbies beauty bits

Use Good Quality, Nourishing, And Nutrient-Rich Facial Products In Your Daily Skincare Routine
Needless to say, if you want your skin to glow - you need to engage in a regular skincare routine, using good quality products. You can even opt for the products that your aesthetician recommends when performing a facial.

Often, they will recommend the products they have used on your skin during your treatment for your reference and advise on the best skincare products, like chemical exfoliants, vitamin C serums and hyaluronic acid, you should incorporate into your skincare routine in the future. Not just to sell you, but because 80% of your results depend on your at-home skincare routine.

To maintain a healthy complexion, you should choose skincare products that suit your skin type and skin tone for the best possible complexion. Your aesthetician can help you identify this.

Importantly, your skin may be normal, oily, or dry - and you must choose skincare products that complement this. For dry skin, select hydrating products high in moisture content that inject the skin with hydration (probiotic infused skincare is extremely hydrating). For oily skin, opt for more astringent products that are lighter in texture - a gel (rather than a cream), for instance.

Eat a Healthy, Balanced, And Nutritious Diet For Glowing Skin
A balanced diet while drinking plenty of water is a must. Ever heard the expression you are what you eat? Well, this is ever so for glowing, beautiful skin. Your diet is just as important as the topical products you apply externally to your face and body.

For example, oily fish such as salmon do wonders, like leafy green vegetables containing abundant vitamins and minerals. Other skin-loving foods include nuts rich in natural oils and moisture - such as cashews and macadamias.

Alternatively, you may wish to consume a collagen supplement to help keep your skin bright. This can come in the form of a marine collagen powder which you can add to a fruit and veggie smoothie so you can get everything you need in one delicious drink!

best diet for glowing skin, barbies beauty bits

Exercise Regularly And Work Up A Sweat For Glowing Skin
It needs to be said that sweating out toxins is fantastic for a glowing complexion. As such, regular exercise does literal wonders for the skin. Engage in cardiovascular activities such as running, jogging, and, my favorite, power walking. All of this is a great way to increase blood flow which, in turn, helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital.

Alternatively, you may wish to participate in high-impact circuit training at the gym. Even try some online videos or workout apps. if you feel uncomfortable going to a gym for a sweat session happening!

Swimming can also be a good form of exercise; however, wash the chlorine off your face and skin immediately after swimming, as these chemicals can cause harm to the skin if left on too long.

Remove Your Makeup For Healthy Glowing Skin
Washing your face before bed and removing all your makeup is not just something your mother taught you. As going to sleep with your makeup can not only cause clogged pores, it can also cause premature aging!

Beauty sleep is real! It's not just a fairy tale; science has proven that our body goes into repair mode while we sleep, fixing damage caused to our skin during the day!

Regardless of how tired you may be, how late you get to bed, how long your day has been, or any other extenuating circumstance. You need to cleanse your face like a pro and take off your makeup before sleeping.

I prefer micellar water over tap water as it can reduce sensitivity and help you fortify your skin's barrier faster. Your skin will thank you for it! 

best sunscreen for glowing skin, barbies beauty bits

Escape To A Tropical Paradise Holiday! But Make Sure to Wear Your SPF
Last but not least, if you feel dull and lackluster - you may need a holiday! And if you are going somewhere tropical, don't forget your sunscreen, using an SPF 30+ or SPF 50+ sunscreen, it is your skins superstar!

While tanned skin does look flattering on most complexions, it can be very damaging and is best avoided if possible. So also make sure to pack your aloe vera, sunglasses, and beach hat, avoid peek hours when the sun rays are the strongest and stay hydrated with plenty of water unless you want to look older.

So there you have it, beauties, Barbie's Beauty Bits Glow Guide to keeping your skin bright and glowing year around! Until next time


September 24, 2022

Revamp Your Beauty Routine For Fall

Revamp Your Beauty Routine For Fall, Barbies Beauty Bits

As September draws closer, now is the perfect time to revamp your beauty routine for fall. 

The transition between summer and fall is an excellent time to reevaluate your beauty routine, as with a change of season comes a change in your beauty routine. From skincare and  hair tips, to your wardrobe, the Beauty Spotlight Team has you covered.

Skincare Beauty Tips For Fall
Allison from Never Say Die Beauty just featured the Paula’s Choice Hydration-Vitamin C Duo, and you are sure to want this eye cream and moisturizer after reading her expert in-depth review!

Boxwalla October Beauty Box: From Where the Tulips Bloom featuring Bloomeffects is a striking revelation in skincare and protection. Lola's Secret Beauty Blog is effusively gushing over this eco-luxe box, and thinks you will too!

Hair Tips For Fall
Nothing is better than getting a blowout at the salon. But it can be costly if you go a few times a month. And the thought of trying to do this at home can be a little hairy, to say the least. But no worries, as Barbies's Beauty Bits shares The Best Hair Dryer To Achieve A Salon Blowout At Home.

Fall Fashion Tips
Comfort and simplicity have taken over our lives during the pandemic and it seems we won’t let it go. White tanks and tees have shown up as a favorite outfit staple all over the streets this past spring and summer. They have become a centerpiece of designer looks, including for the coming fall and winter. Angie at Your True Self Blog has almost 40 outfit ideas for how to wear a white tank or tee. You can dress one up or use one to dress down your suits, skirts and such. Age doesn't matter, so lay back and enjoy a life of greater ease!


September 23, 2022

Promote Longevity And Slow Aging With Fisetin

Promote Longevity And Slow Aging With Fisetin, Barbies Beauty Bits

Promote Longevity And Slow Aging With Fisetin? Sounds like something I am interested in, right? As who doesn't want to reverse their age clock?

Well, in this blog post, Barbie's Beauty Bits will explore what Fisetin is, why people are taking it, its potential benefits, and discuss where you can currently purchase Fisetin.

It's no secret that I am passionate about natural remedies, like herbal supplements, natural antibiotics, nutraceuticals, adaptogens, and other alternatives to potentially harmful pharmaceuticals.

So put your Sheldon, Big Bang Theory Science Hat on and get ready to read about a must-have flavonoid like Fisetin to help promote longevity and slow aging by protecting your body from toxins and everyday stressors.

Why You Need Flavonoids In Your Life
Before I get into the flavonoid Fisetin, I think it is important to tell you why you need flavonoids in your diet. Simply put, a healthy lifestyle rich in flavonoids has beneficial anti-inflammatory effects and protects your cells from oxidative damage that can harm your heart, brain, and diabetes.

According to the National Library Of Medicine, flavonoids are essential components of nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and medicinal and cosmetic products.

It is attributed to their antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, and anti-carcinogenic properties and their capacity to modulate critical enzymes in cells.

It is important to note that different flavonoids protect against specific ailments, diseases, and conditions. And Fisetin, for instance, has been shown to protect against inflammation, free radicals, and many age-related conditions – such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and brain diseases.

What Is Organic Fisetin, And Why Are People Taking This Supplement?
It sounds like a foreign language, doesn't it? Well, Fisetin is a natural compound that most of us have never heard of before. However, most of the foods we love and know contain them.

Organic Fisetin is a flavonoid, a yellow plant pigment belonging to the flavonoid polyphenols group. It gives color to many fruits and vegetables, including strawberries and oranges. Additionally, eating more vegetables and fruits contributes to our health benefits, especially the skin.

Unfortunately, most people do not consume enough antioxidant foods, which can lead to an imbalance of oxygen species that inhibits the body's ability to defend itself.

Fisetin has potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immune-supporting properties and helps make glutathione the most powerful antioxidant in the body.

Supplements like Fisetin have become increasingly popular as people seek alternative medications they may not be comfortable taking long-term due to their potential health benefits.

How Does Fisetin Work, Barbies Beauty Bits

So How Does Fisetin Work
To understand how Fisetin works, let me share how it acts on a cellular level. I partnered with Nourishing Nutrients as their Fisetin supplements are USDA Organic Certified.

So let's get to it without being too complicated. To start with, oxidative stress has been identified as the root cause of the development and progression of several diseases.

Studies show that Fisetin reduces and protects your cells from stress-related damage so they can perform at their best. Fisetin, therefore, both prevents and boosts inflammation in your body. A low level of inflammation allows your cells to make more energy, so you look better, feel better, and recover more quickly-Makes sense, right?

Fisetin And Antioxidant Defense
Emerging clinical trials suggest that supplements such as Fisetin may boost antioxidant defenses. Oxidative damage can be delayed, prevented, and combated by neutralizing free radicals and increasing powerful antioxidants, such as glutathione, superoxide dismutase, and catalase.

Fisetin Can Block NF-κB And Reduce Inflammation
There is a bad switch, so to speak, in the body called NF-B, which tells genes to produce inflammatory compounds, which is the primary cause of inflammation. The overactive NF-κB response is linked to allergies, autoimmune diseases, and cancer cells.

Fisten Increases Longevity By Suppressing mTOR
Who knew that a supplement could keep you looking young? Well, research indicates that partial suppression of mTOR increases lifespan in all organisms studied.

This is because autophagy, the body's way of cleaning out damaged cells to regenerate newer, healthier cells, is activated, which promotes longevity and slow aging.

The Health Benefits Of Fisetin, Barbies Beauty Bits

The Health Benefits Of Fisetin

Promotes Longevity By Eliminating Senescent Cells
We are starting with this as researchers have looked for nutrients that could slow degenerative aging for decades. With a recent focus, you guessed it, the effects of Fisetin.

To get a bit technical here. Our cells stop dividing, and these old cells become dysfunctional and are supposed to be replaced with new cells, and sadly, in some cases, the cells become senescent instead.

So what the heck does senescent mean? It means these cells lose their ability to divide or perform essential functions, and these bad boys, or harmful cells, shall we call them, refuse to die.

With increasing accumulations of these senescent cells, the body becomes more and more susceptible to age-related diseases, such as osteoporosis, cancer, and heart disease.

The term "zombie cells" is sometimes used to describe the cellular senescent cell burden, as senescent cells don't just linger around innocently. And instead, they pump out toxic compounds that start damaging healthy tissue.

Results suggest that removing senescent cells calms inflammation, improves physical function, and extends animal lifespan.

In recent years, anti-aging research has focused intensively on cell senescence. According to preclinical studies, compounds called senolytics may slow or reverse aging processes by removing senescent cells.

Our bodies can get rid of senolytic cells with the help of plant molecules like Fisetin. In studies, Fisetin can delay, prevent, or alleviate multiple senescence-related conditions, extending life spans by delaying, preventing, or alleviating senescent cells that accumulate in the body.

Promote Longevity With Fisetin Supplement, Barbies Beauty Bits

Fisetin Can Clear Brain Fog And Enhance Cognition
Besides making you feel better, Fisetin also boosts your cognitive abilities.

And if you suffer from mood disorders or memory problems, you might want to look closely at Fisetin.

As a powerful flavonoid polyphenol, Fisetin supports brain health and cognitive function, including concentration, memory, alertness, and clarity. It directly influences the hippocampus, where our memories are stored.

Fisetin Can Promote Healthy Skin
You know I am all about skincare benefits, so for me, I saved the best for last. Fisetin has been proposed to help prevent collagen breakdown, an essential substance to keep skin youthful.

Because Fisetin is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, it can also reduce oxidative stress and inflammation caused by UV rays. And lastly, it helps shield your skin against environmental damage by promoting tighter seals between each skin cell.

Why Choose Nourishing Nutrients' Organic Fisetin
Nourishing Nutrients Organic Fisetin Supplement is sourced from organic Japanese Wax Tree (Botanical name: Rhus succedanea), which is primarily found in Asia.

As the Fisetin 400mg supplement from Nourishing Nutrients is 3rd-party tested for pure organic ingredients, it is better than the Fisetin 500mg supplement, so you are getting the most out of it.

You get the purest form as no GMOs, fillers, additives, or binders exist. It is also vegan, paleo, keto, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and grown organically without pesticides or insecticides.

As a final step, the supplement is tested for quality and purity and manufactured in a facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Fisetin supplements on Amazon, Barbies Beauty Bits

Where To Purchase Organic Fisetin
Nourishing Nutrients offers two ways to purchase their Fisetin 400mg supplement. You can get it directly from their website. And for you Amazon lovers, you can also buy Fisetin on Amazon!

Disclaimer: The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice.



September 21, 2022

Top Training Shoes For All Types Of Workouts

Top Training Shoes For All Types Of Workouts, Barbies Beauty Bits

Regular workouts are suitable for both your physical and mental health. However, you will never forget the pain of wearing the wrong training shoes during a workout.

Finding the best training shoes when completing workouts, such as HIIT, short runs, rope climbs, and strength and weight training, can make or break your activity by improving your workout safety and minimizing injury.

I used to joke with a guy friend of mine, who seemed to have more shoes than a girl. He had something for every activity, from lifting shoes to strength training shoes to cross trainers.

He used to say that was primarily because he has flat soles and wide feet, but the truth is, there are specific training shoes for all types of workouts.

Sadly, I learned the hard way. I've had painful blisters while hiking, ankle pains from pounding the treadmill, and sore toenails from an aerobics class. I've been in despair because I didn't have the right cross-training shoes, running sneakers, or tennis shoes, but not any longer beauties.

Whatever your preferred workout, there's a Cinderella-perfect training shoe just for you. Are you ready to shop?

Nike Metcon 7 Training Shoes
Offering spring and comfort, the Nike Metcon 7 training shoes have always been a top choice for the gym. They provide an excellent option for weight training with minimal drop offering support and stability.

The interior plate and the flat heel are additional features perfect for distributing weight evenly. They also feature a react foam midsole for a lightweight cushioning sole. This provides a balance between spring and comfort, making it extra helpful for sprinters.

The Best Budget Training Shoe-New Balance MXTRNRV1
Spending a fortune on a high-quality, high-performance workout shoe is unnecessary. So while the New Balance MXTRNRV1 isn't the prettiest training shoe if you are looking for some Low Cost Ways To Stay In Shape, this offers excellent value for money. 

These particular training shoes don't use the latest in cutting-edge technology. However, they offer a shoe that can be used for all sports and surfaces.

While not an ideal running shoe for marathons, I've found these trainers can be great for those at-home HIIT workouts. They also make great gym shoes, are ultra-responsive, and have multi-directional traction to improve your performance.

best workout shoes, barbies beauty bits

INOV-8 BARE_XF 210 V3 Training Shoe
The Inov shoes are ultra-flexible and perfect for those seeking a lightweight option for training. They are well-structured for heavy lifting, weight training, and CrossFit.

These barefoot shoes are not as great for workouts involving a lot of movement, such as running or jumping (like a HIIT workout).

The shoe is beneficial for weight training as they are extra grippy, providing additional support and less slip. With built-in protective features to support the foot and ankles, these training shoes are minimalist but full of comfort.

Athletic Propulsion Labs TechLoom Tracer
The material in this shoe is highly breathable. The collar and tongue are molded for easy on and off. This particular trainer offers everything from cushioning to support and energy. The shoe's shape sits in a silhouette and has been nicknamed the 'Shoe Selfie.'

This particular trainer, albeit one of the more expensive, has been featured in worldwide magazines, including GQ, Vogue, and Cosmopolitan. These shoes are created with performance in mind, helping to enhance your workout and improve your training.

To Sum It Up
While I've mentioned quite a few different trainers that fit many types of workouts, there are tons more on the market. So please research and test to find the best training shoe to help you run, jump and lift your way to a healthier you!


September 14, 2022

Places To Make Money As An Influencer Or Blogger

Places To Make Money As An Influencer Or Blogger, Barbies Beauty Bits

Places To Make Money As An Influencer Or Blogger? I get asked a lot of times how I can make money if you're a newer blogger or influencer or how to get sponsorships with companies and make some real money. Well, Barbie's Beauty Bits is here to help!

Yep, if you're looking for tips on becoming an Instagram influencer and making money with it, you've come to the right place! As I will be sharing some places with you once a month.

Whether you've been doing this for years or days, you need to go to the right place, as messaging someone's Instagram account or other social media platforms inbox is not the answer.

Stop The Unanswered Pitching And Try This Instead
If you have pitched a brand before, you know how difficult it can be. This is why I suggest starting with an opt-in platform or affiliate program. That's where I began, and it helped me work with brands like Itcosmetics, BoxyCharm, and Sephora!

Brand and influencers can find each other by using influencer marketing platforms. These platforms allow influencers and bloggers to connect, negotiate rates (or products), and track campaign and digital product progress!

The outcome is a win-win for all parties involved. As everyone here actually wants to work together. So no more cold pitching with DM's or emails that get lost or unanswered. 

How To Make Money As An Influencer Or Blogger, Barbies Beuaty Bits

How To Make Money As An Influencer Or Blogger

This Week's Influencer Platform You Need To Join NOW Is HOWL
Become part of the pack and make some great connections. Howl is the first influencer marketing platform I wanted to discuss, as it is great because they have both paid and unpaid collaborations. This influencer platform is perfect for those in the beauty industry as there are tons of national and well know brands looking to work with you.

I love this platform as they offer many different ways to work with brands.

how to make money as an instagram influencer

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Programs
Affiliate programs, but not just any affiliate link commission, as some brands offer commissions over 100% of your sales. WHAT?? Yes, sharing products you love from brands and earning money, and you get paid instantly LOVE.

This is especially great if you are a blogger who can create sponsored content and sponsored posts as you can start making money right away.

brands influencers can work with

Create Content With Product Or Service Sponsorships
There are tons of brands that you can apply to work with to get paid. Some even offer free products for social media influencers, micro-influencers, Youtube channels, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media channels.

  • Sephora
  • Supergoop
  • Tula
  • Hum
  • Macy's
  • Ulta
  • Target
  • Versed
  • Kloraine
  • Adam And Eve
  • And MORE!

So what are you waiting for? Apply here and start your next marketing campaign SOON!


September 12, 2022

Tone Up On A Budget: Low Cost Ways To Stay In Shape

Low Cost Ways To Stay In Shape, Barbies Beauty Bits

Anyone who knows me knows I am all about the low-cost ways for anything. This also goes for staying in shape as beauties you can tone up, even on a tight budget.

That's right! If you think you need to spend a lot of money on gym memberships or body sculpting treatments, like CoolSculpting, that can go bad, think again!

It is possible to achieve the toned physique you desire even on the tightest budget, and Barbie's Beauty Bits is here to share with you some low-cost ways to stay in shape. Here's how:

Eating Healthy By Implementing The 80/20 Rule
Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule? To see results from working out, losing weight, or even maintaining overall health, it is an 80/20 balance. Meaning 80% of your results come from the food you eat, and only 20% come from your workouts.

Keeping a healthy weight can also be achieved by following the 80/20 diet philosophy. Eighty percent of the time, you should eat nutritiously, and for the remaining twenty percent, you can indulge in some types of less healthier foods.

Strict diets lead people to failure. It may not be so bad to indulge yourself here and there. Personally, I do a bit more conservative with a 90/10. But the goal is to eat well-balanced meals with fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and whole grains to help you feel full and keep your system working due to the fiber and water content. The key to weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume, so portion control is essential.

Oh, and be sure to eat plenty of protein, as that will help you build the muscles that will give you a more toned shape. And do not forget to add a supplement of Probiotics as they are necessary for your body to break down food and support a healthy immune system. They may also promote weight loss.

Free Online Workout Videos And Fitness Apps
Offering Free? Yes, thanks to various apps, you can do any number of terrific free workouts at home!

Whether you are looking for a fitness class, personal trainer, exercise ball workouts, yoga, pilates, jumping rope to lose weight or get in shape to reach a fitness goal. There's likely a fitness app or youtube video to suit your needs, no matter what type of workout or healthy meal prepping you prefer, for free or offered discount.

Best free fitness apps, barbies beauty bits

Start Interval Training At Home
You don't need to teach indoor cycling or be an aerobics instructor to know that good cardio exercise is great at burning fat and improving muscle tone. But did you know that combining cardio with high-intensity interval training is an even more effective way of burning fat, building muscle, and toning up?

If you don't see the results you expected with regular exercise, start doing intervals instead, and you will soon begin to look and feel more toned.

For example, you could perform a rowing machine workout that involves one minute of moderate-speed rowing with two easy minutes and complete for a total of 10 minutes.

And don't forget your shoes. Great shoes go a long way, and you'll want to wear shoes designed explicitly for those workout motions when doing cross-training or weight lifting.

There are even running shoes for that forward motion. They helped me and prevented my excuses for painful feet and/or ankles!

Walk Daily To Help You Stay Toned
Why not try walking for 30 minutes a day? As it can help you lose weight, control your blood sugar, and lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, and for me, it is a great way to reduce stress.

Even if you don't have 30 minutes, you can always walk daily by adding short bursts of activity throughout the day. With a tad of planning, actions you may take for granted can become part of your fitness routine. For example...

Get a dose of exercise daily by walking around your neighborhood, walking to the mailbox, even during your lunch break. Consider taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Whenever possible, park further away from your destination to sneak in extra steps.

weight training at home for ladies, barbies beauty bits

Add Weights To Your At Home Workouts
As well as using interval training to tone up and stay in shape, you might also want to add weights to your exercise regime. Why? Because weight training is excellent at adding definition to your body's natural shape. You will lose fat more quickly while also building muscle to take its place, which means you will be tighter and leaner in no time.

Women often avoid weight training because they fear developing huge bodybuilder muscles. There's no truth to this wives' tale; you won't look like she-Hulk. The opposite will happen: your body will tighten and tone, fat will burn, and your curves will be perfectly shaped.

Yes, it's true. Just ask Jacque Crockford, a CSCS spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise. Weight training and excess calories are two keys to gaining muscle mass, says Crockford. "If you do resistance training one to three days per week and don't eat more calories than you expend each day, you're not going to gain much muscle."

Creating a solid, muscular base through weight training is the key to a tighter body-not, burning off every ounce of jiggle with cardio. Home weights have never been cheaper, so you don't need to break the bank to get started.

Do you want to save money when it comes to using weight in your workout? You can even use some canned goods! Yep, I said it; many canned goods can serve double duty as hand weights.

Do Yoga At Home To Stay Fit And Toned
There are tons of free yoga training classes on YouTube and other areas of the internet, and they are ideal for apartment and small home workouts as they are not high impact.

Low-impact exercise is easier on your body — trust me your joints will thank you. It can also be an effective way to get a heart-pumping workout without risking injuries. Aside from that, your body weight provides enough resistance to create effective exercises.

Yoga offers a convenient way to tone every muscle in your body; weights can't do this! According to numerous studies, yoga is excellent for your mental health, and it also decreases stress hormone levels and increases insulin sensitivity. How does this work? In layman's terms, it tells your body to burn food instead of storing it as fat.

No matter your fitness level, yoga is an excellent way to a leaner, toner body! Can I get a hell yeah for this? 

best at home red light therapy for weight loss, barbies beauty bits
Save $50 With Code: SAVE50

At Home Red Light Therapy For Weight Loss
Maintaining a healthy diet and working out should always be a priority. However, it is not always enough to help fat reduction, which is different from weight loss. One solution I've found highly effective to help reduce fat and look more toned is red light therapy for fat loss.

However, the cost of a visit to a clinic for this procedure is not budget friendly. But no worries, as there is a low-cost at-home approach to red light therapy. This is where the Lipo Wrap from Nushape comes into play, which offers the same "Red-Light Phototherapy Technology" used in a professional med-spa and weight loss clinics, but in a portable belt, you can use from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the cost.

And do not be fooled. Not all red light therapy is the same! The bottom line is that for it to be effective, you have to have the correct Nanometer waves. Nushapes Lipo Wrap offers clinical strength power density for effective fat loss treatment using both 635nm and 850nm near-infrared waves at a power density of 37 joules per cm with medical-grade LEDs.

To Sum It Up
So beauties, as you can see, you don't need to join a gym or spend a lot of money to get toned and stay in shape. Don't get caught up in memberships you can't afford as an excuse. Instead, focus on achieving them without breaking your budget by implementing my Low-cost Ways To Stay In Shape. So what are you waiting for?


September 11, 2022

Beauty Refresh For Fall

Beauty Refresh For Fall, Barbies Beauty Bits

It's time to reset for Fall. A change in seasons calls for a beauty refresh. Here are some ways to update your wardrobe, skincare, and more.  

Refresh Your Skin This Fall With Some New Skincare

Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog recently discovered AveSeena Ageless Perfection Cream, and can’t believe how soft, smooth, supple, velvety and moisturized it make the skin feel! 

Want to give your skin a tune-up for autumn? Look no further than new multitasking Paula's Choice C5 Super Boost Moisturizer and Eye Cream that brighten, even skintone, firm, hydrates, and strengthen the skin's barrier. Allison from Never Say Die Beauty has all the details!

 Refresh Your Wardrobe This Fall

Ladies, who is ready for the best bra ever? Literally, check it out as Barbie's Beauty Bits share Honeylove's Crossover Bra

It seems that we as a collective are yearning to burst out of the ongoing onslaught of viruses in a shower of sparkles! Designers are continuing to create clothing that shines. But guess what? We can create our own bit of glow to whatever we wear day or night. From her Style Tips Series, Angie at Your True Self Blog shares a style tip of the day on how to sparkle and shine anytime. Age doesn't matter. 

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