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August 14, 2017

Why Sonic Toothbrushes Are Best For Your Teeth And Giveaway

Tooth be told, as we age, our teeth become worn and dull, and no one likes a dull smile.  One way to limit the dull look is to have a consistent oral hygiene regimen in place. This should include regular visits to the dentist, flossing, as well as brushing your teeth regularly with a quality “SONIC” toothbrush, like one from MornWell! 


Like anything else that ages, over the years wear and tear, can negatively affect our teeth, like wearing the protective enamel on our teeth, build up and retention of plaque and other issues.

So how can you decrease these from happening or worse yet tooth decay? It’s pretty simple, with good oral care, by properly brushing your teeth at least twice and preferably three times a day.  Of course, dental care professionals have recommended brushing after every meal or snack, and the MornWell Sonic Toothbrush is just the tooth brush you need! SO MAKE SURE TO ENTER TO WIN ONE BELOW!

I’m a big fan of sonic powered devices from a sonic facial cleansing brush and the sonic makeup brush, adding a sonic tooth brush, like the one from Mornwell, was an easy decision for me to make.

Why Sonic Toothbrushes Are Best For Your Teeth With Mornwell And Barbie's Beauty Bits

About The MornWell D01 Sonic Powered Toothbrush
Much faster than hands alone, the MornWell D01 sonic electric toothbrush delivers up to 40,000 brush strokes per minute and can remove up to 10x more dental plaque along the gumline than manual brushing. Another thing I loved about this sonic electric toothbrush is that it can improve gum health up to 100% better than a manual toothbrush.

The MornWell D01 Sonic Powered Toothbrush review by Barbies Beauty Bits

Brushing Modes
Mornwell’s electric toothbrush has four different brushing modes to suit your oral care needs helping to keep your teeth stronger, cleaner and healthier.
  • Clean (Daily Clean)
  • Soft (Sensitive Teeth)
  • Whiten (Tooth Whitening)
  • Massage (Gum Care)
Each mode has a 2-minute automatic brushing cycle with a 30-second reminding interval pause, which is great as I’m sure a lot of you are guilty as I am at not brushing my teeth long enough.

Brush Heads
The  MornWell sonic Tooth brush comes with four sonic toothbrush heads and should be replaced about every three months.

The different brush heads for your sonic tooth brush by barbies beauty bits

As you see that dental cleaning is not only a practice in the dental office, but is something you can do in the convenience of your own home.  A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear unless you don’t have teeth! Hence, a great quality toothbrush, like the MornWell Sonic Toothbrush, can help you to step up your oral care by supporting upkeep and maintenance!

So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today by clicking here 

If that wasn’t good enough, we are also going to help you step up your oral care with a chance to win a MornWell Sonic Tooth brush or a $50 gift card to Target. 



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