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April 21, 2016

Top 10 Secrets To Getting A Salon-Like Pedicure At Home

Top 10 Salon Secrets To Getting A Salon-Like Pedicure At Home, by barbies Beauty Bits

Spring cleaning doesn't just apply to our home; it can also apply to beauty, including our feet! They've been cooped up for months, so let those feet loose. With spring in the air, the shining sun, it's time to show off those feet and toes, but are they ready?

One of the best ways to revive your feet and toes is with a pedicure. Because when your feet feel good, your whole body feels refreshed and energized.

Pampering your feet at a salon can be costly, but this doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a spa-like pedicures. You can, by taking it home! So, if you want to find out how you can have a polish to the pretty pedicure at home, continue reading!

Top 10 Secrets To Getting A Salon-Like Pedicure At Home

1st Step: Scrub and Soak.  You want to start off with clean feet so what better way than to implement a foot scrub and a soak.  A DIY approach to this is to combine some olive oil and sea salt to soothe those soles.

A Device: To remove that dry old winter skin, I use the PEDI SMOOTHING DISC, from Michael Todd Beauty. This textured smoothing disc is a wonderful attachment that I attach to my Soniclear Elite!

The Michael Todd Beauty PEDI safely exfoliates rough, dry foot skin for the ultimate in at-home foot care and professional pedicure maintenance. Plus, it comes with built-in protection against microbial contamination, you don't get that type of protection at a salon!

PEDI SMOOTHING DISC, from Michael Todd Beauty

2. Dry Up: After soaking your feet, make sure to thoroughly rinse off the scrub or other products and pat your feet dry. Pay close attention to moisture between the toes, which can lead to athlete's foot or other fungal infections.

3. Moisturize:  Cold weather can drain away moisture from your feet, so getting them spring ready requires some moisturizing!  Apply cream all over your feet and toes.  Don’t forget your heels!

4. Your Pedicure Flip Flops: No need for those toes separators as you can use a pair of the Pedi Princess. They come in many styles and sizes, plus they can be worn even after the pedicure.

Pedi princess shoes by barbies beauty bits

5. Trim & File:  You want to trim your toenails, just above the top of each toe.  Snip those tips by using a straight-edge toenail clipper as it gives you more of a precision cut.   You want to make sure that you cut your toenails when they are wet to avoid them from cracking and splitting.  Finish by smoothing out the edges and shape your nail with a professional grade emery board.

Remove nail polish with vinegar, by Beauty Blogger Barbies Beauty Bits

6. Clean Nails: It seems simple, but you want to make sure that all the old nail polish is removed completely. One way to ensure this is a quick wipe over with some vinegar, as it will remove any leftover nail polish remover, moisturizer, or any other residue; ultimately enabling the polish to adhere longer.

7. Polish Up: Application is important! After all,  the nail polish is the icing on the cake so to speak.  Hence, you want to make sure you are patiently applying the nail polish so it will dry correctly, preventing smudges.

8. PREVENT SMUDGING: One reason your nails are smudging is because you are applying too much nail polish at once. Instead, apply multiple thin coats instead of one thick coat. Doing multiple thin coats will enable those layers to dry and not smudge.  Painting is a 3 step process. You want to start with one coat down the middle and one on each side.

 keep nail polish from running onto your cuticles with petroleum jelly by barbies beauty bits

9. No More Messy Pedicures: An excellent way to keep nail polish from running onto your cuticles or toes is to apply a small bit of petroleum jelly along the sides and the base of your nails. If polish seeps off the toenail, who cares, as all you have to do is wipe off the petroleum jelly, and you now have perfectly painted nails!

10. Dry: You should give yourself about 15 mins. to dry. And don't forget you can walk around in your Pedi Princess Flip-Flops as there are not just Pedi Flip-Flops, they're a fashion statement!


So there you have it beauties, the top 10 salon secrets revealed on how to get a salon-like pedicure at home!

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation with Pedi Princess.
I received a pair of the Pedi Princess Flip-Flops for my own use.  
 All opinions and experiences are my own.


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