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February 14, 2016

Valentine’s Day Blogger Swap Reveal

Valentine’s Day Blogger Swap Reveal, By Barbies Beauty Bits

Many people are familiar with a Christmas gift swap, but what about a Valentine’s Day one?  Well, beauties I did just that this month with some wonderful bloggers and would love to share with you how this works, in case you would like to participate or even host another type in the future.

So, if you would like to see how this works, the hosts, my swap partner and of the course the wonderful Valentine’s goodies I got, continue reading!

The Hosts & How It Works
This Valentine’s Day Bloggers Swap is an excellent opportunity where other bloggers get to know each other and swap some Valentine’s goodies as well! The event was hosted by two amazing bloggers, Jasmine and Lexi.  

Valentine’s Day Bloggers Swap, Barbies Beauty Bits, Classy Sassy, A blissful Haven

First host, is Jasmine from Classy Sassy & A Bit Smartassy (love the name of her blog). Jasmine is a 20 something-year-old Wisconsin Beauty + Lifestyle Blogger. Mom, girlfriend and very passionate about makeup.

The 2nd host is Lexi from A Blissful Haven, a 20-something fellow Ohioan with passions for blogging, shopping, coffee, and dogs!

The hosts matched us up with bloggers that had similar interests, which is awesome as I love to meet other beauty bloggers!  Once we get to know a little about each other, we then go shopping and get some items based on their likes, wrap it up and send out their Valentine's gift (that is up to a $20 value).

My Swap Partner
I was partnered up with a great blogger, Lindsay Latimer from, Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos! What a remarkable blog.  Lindsay is a technical writer by day and a lifestyle blogger by night. A 30-something Kentuckian, Lindsay is also a makeup and product hoarder.  She is not too wild when it comes to colorful makeup, but loves lipstick, blush, and highlighter. Oh and one of her favorite stores to shop is Target!

Lindsay Latimer from, Bourbon, Lipstick, and Stilettos

My Valentine’s Goodies!
I was excited when I went to my mailbox and found a Valentine's shipping bag, covered in hearts.  When I opened the bag, I was delighted to see that Lindsay hit the nail on the head with the Valentine’s goodies she sent me.

Valentines Beauty Blogger Swap by barbies beaut bits

Included In My Package...
NYX Ombre Blush:  The color of this blush is so pretty. It hard to tell by the photo, but this blush features two tonal gradient shades that add subtle depth + dimension! I’ve used it both on my cheeks and my eyes.

The other items included a Zoya Nail Polish, Milani romantic rose powdered blush, some hello beautiful cards, Valentine’s paper straws, and, of course, my all time favorite Better Than Sex Mascara, in a travel size!

Overall this experience was a lot of fun. So, if you ever considered participating in something like this I highly recommend it!  It is a perfect way to connect, meet other bloggers and, of course, enjoy some gifts!

Until next time!



  1. Great post so glad you a great experience. I also participated in the swap, this was my first time and it was great! I will participate in the future for sure. I'm glad Lindsay was able to understand you personally and send you great gift.


  2. Great post. But i think you will also get some more amazing valentine ideas here 


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