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April 21, 2018

What The Heck Is Rosacea And Can It Be Treated

What The Heck Is Rosacea And Can It Be Treated By Barbies Beauty Bits

With April being Rosacea awareness month. I decided to get with some people to answer "What The Heck Is Rosacea And Can It Be Treated." According to Health Day News, more than 16 million Americans have this incurable skin condition.

With age, I have noticed that my skin tends to over-react or become oversensitive to several environmental factors, particularly the past 3 months. In turn, my immune system responds causing hyperactivity in the blood vessels which leads to flushing. This can be accompanied with oversensitivity in the nerves, resulting in stinging and burning sensations.  Not fun!

If you are like me, once experienced, Rosacea may exist all throughout a person’s lifetime. While it may subside, it is still there!

According to research on this topic and talks with my dermatologist, areas on the skin may appear for some as red and itchy, but for some, it can develop further into a more severe condition characterized by enlarged oil glands, enlarged pores, and thickening facial skin.

If facial redness occurs and persists for more than a month and fades away and then recurs in a few months later,  I suggest consulting with a dermatologist.

Symptons and treatments for Rosacea By Barbies Beauty Bits

What Are The Risk Factors For Rosacea
Unfortunately, some individuals are genetically predisposed to this condition and statistics showed that 30% of individuals who have rosacea have another family member or relative who also has the disease.

The Four Subtypes of Rosacea

Subtype 1 - Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea
This is the type that I have and is the most common. Subtype 1 is described with facial redness accompanied by visible small broken capillaries and flushing.

The dilation of capillaries causes skin redness, and broken blood vessels become apparent. Individuals who have this type of rosacea tend to have a reddish, chin, nose, and cheeks. The skin can become flaky and dry and can burn and itch!

Subtype 2 - Papulopustular Rosacea
This type of rosacea appears usually affects women during middle age, looking like acne. These bumps and pimples are not restricted in one area and may scatter anywhere on the face; some may even contain pus.

Subtype 3 - Phymatous Rosacea
This rare type of rosacea is a more advanced type and usually affects men. This form of rosacea is depicted by a bulbous-looking nose due to the thickening of the skin.

Subtype 4 - Ocular Rosacea
This type of rosacea is a serious one that affects the eye area and occurs as a result of irritated facial skin that spreads to the eye area and results in itchy, red eyes. In this stage of rosacea, the irritation causes the eyes to sting and if left untreated may lead to blindness.

What Can Trigger Rosacea Flare-Ups
There are a lot of things that can lead to a flare-up of the condition. Hence it is crucial to be aware of the triggers.
  • Over sun exposure
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Stress
  • Caffeine
  • Dairy products
  • Spicy foods
  • Foods high in histamines
  • Alcohol
  • Over exfoliation
  • Skincare products (those with artificial fragrances, high alcohol and or witch hazel content, synthetic ingredients).

Treatments For Rosacea By Barbies Beauty Bits

Medical Treatments For Rosacea

Some treatments can help to minimize, but not cure. For example...
  • Antibiotics
  • Topical Medications
  • Pulsed Light Therapy
  • Photodynamic Therapy Laser

Self Care Treatments For Rosacea
While my flare-ups are on occasion, I have found that there are some things I can do to help minimize the duration.
  • Moisturizer
  • SPF
  • Coconut Oil
  • Diet
  • Aloe Leaf
  • Tea Tree Oil
In conclusion, it is essential to see a dermatologist and confirm whether you're not you actually do have rosacea, as well as being aware of the triggers and possible management. As unfortunately, some general practitioners may think that you have it when you don't or vice versa!

And as always, this article is not intended for medical advice, still, consult with a physician.


April 3, 2018

Top Tips To Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe And Beauty Essentials With Babble Boxx

Top Tips To Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe And Beauty Essentials With Babble Boxx, By Barbie's Beauty Bits

While you're going through your cabinets and scrubbing floors for a Spring-cleaning, your wardrobe and beauty essentials deserve some much-needed revamping too. Which is why I am excited to partner up with Babble Boxx for this post! They sent me a huge box filled with everything needed to help me to spring clean and revamp my Spring Wardrobe and Beauty Essentials. From skincare to bras, shoes, and eyewear, has me ready to look SPRINGtastic!

So, if you want to see my Top Tips for Spring cleaning your Wardrobe and Beauty essentials, continue reading.

Yep, I started with this as skincare is my favorite and the top on my seasonal priority list. However, when a lot of people think about spring cleaning, they seem to forget about tidying up their skincare routine, which means getting rid of some old expired products and implementing some new ones into your regimen.

New Season New Skincare Routine
There is no better time to start prepping your complexion for the rising temperatures and humidity that, especially in my area will soon be upon us! Heat and humidity can cause an increase in oil production and lead to problematic skin, so switching to a lighter formula along with adding some exfoliation will help to get glowing, healthy spring skin!
Colleen Rothschild Beauty Review with Babble Box By Barbies Beauty Bits

Colleen Rothschild Skincare
I received two assorted products from the Colleen Rothschild Skincare line and let me tell you I screamed when I saw this brand in my box as the “Comprehensive Radiant Cleansing Balm” is one of my all-time favorite skincare products! This product is like no other I have used. It is literally like a balm for your face that effortlessly dissolves all traces makeup and other impurities on the skin. And it has Clove and Rosemary for a natural aromatherapy smell that is to die for! This Cleansing Balm leaves my face feeling so smooth and radiant. Plus, it was very hydrating, giving me a luminous, dewy look.

Exfoliation is essential, and products with retinol in them are great at helping to boosts cellular turnover, which means it helps to eliminate dead skin cells and replaces it with new ones! Contrary to widespread belief you can still use retinol during the spring and summer months!

New Season New Skincare Routine This Spring By Barbies Beauty Bits

The tip is to use a product that you can apply at bedtime instead of the morning as the healthy new skin cells are more sensitive and prone to burning from the sun! Also, having a product that provides both retinol and hydration is key and the Colleen Rothschild Retinol Supreme Night Oil does just that.  Furthermore, this serum has the highest concentration of stabilized retinol as well as Vitamin C so not only does this product help to refine skin tone and texture, but it also helps to counteract the havoc brought upon by free radicals and environmental toxins! In the morning, you will wake to find skin that is renewed and radiant!

Want to revamp your skincare too, then make sure to use this 20% Off Code, BARBIE20 that is valid until the end of the year!

Spring Clean Your Bra Collection
While you may be getting rid of those winter clothes, some seem to forget about their undergarments, which means those old bras and panties!  Make sure go through them all and toss out any that no longer fit, are damaged, not comfortable, and even those that you have never worn, as most likely if you haven’t worn them in a year, you won’t.

Bali One Smooth U® Strapless Multiway Underwire Bra For Spring By Barbies Beauty Bits

When it comes to bras, I’m all about diversity, and if I can find a bra that I can wear as a strapless bra, under t-shirts as well as a dress, I am all about adding that to my bra collection! Luckily, I have been able to do just that with the Bali One Smooth U® Strapless Multiway Underwire Bra that came in my box! This breathable, lightweight BALI bra has multiway straps, allowing me to wear the bra eight ways, now that is what I call diversity!

Not only can this One Smooth U® Multiway bra be a traditional bra with versatile strap options, but with its Ultra-thin no-slip gripper it can also be worn as a strapless bra that won’t fall to your waist.

And if that all wasn’t enough, it is made from a lightweight mesh that helps to smooth away those troubled areas from that ever so dreadful back fat and underarm bulge! See below all of the ways to wear this awesome bra!
Bali One Smooth U Strapless Multiway Underwire Bra Review By Barbies Beauty Bits

Tiding Up The Shoe Closet
While I am not a Carrie Bradshaw, I do have my collection of shoes and decluttering my shoe closet is a must.  Although this can be a daunting task I did put together a quick checklist, see it below.
  1. Pull out all your shoes out, as out of sight out of mind.
  2. Look at all of them and question yourself… Do they fit, do they hurt your feet, do you really need these, do you have too many of the same shoe type, etc.
  3. Organize… Keeping shoes neat and stored with those that are similar make them easier to locate. I try to organize by shoe type and color.
  4. Storage… Maximizing your space is critical as not only does it help you to find your shoes, but it also helps to keep them in tacked. There are tons of shoe storage products out there; I strongly suggest purchasing some. TIP… If you are limited on space, alternate the direction of your shoes. (place one shoe from each pair forward and the other one backward)
  5. Although this is easier said than done, if you haven’t worn a pair of shoes in over a year, you probably won’t wear them so get rid of them. Plus, this will give you room for new ones and speaking of new ones, I did get a fantastic pair of shoes from Badgley Mischka Footwear in my Spring Babble Boxx.
Badgley Mischka Moryra Beaded Cage Shoe Review By Barbies Beauty Bits

Badgley Mischka Moryra Beaded Cage Shoe
Yes, while these are black, I love these peep-toe booties as they are so versatile and fit perfectly! Not only are they glamorous, elegant and effortless, but I can wear these shoes with dress pants, jeans, dress shorts and some skirts!

The Badgley Mischka collection is impressive, they have so many styles of shoes with a charm that harks back to the glamorous Hollywood of the Forties!  Plus, their sophisticated designs cater to any aged modern couture customer! The brand has remained true to this design philosophy and the consistent integrity of their collections, which is probably why their timeless designs appeal to a range of fashionable women, including Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, and now me!

Picking Eyewear For Spring
With the weather starting to get warmer and the sun starting to come out more, you need to make sure your eyes are not only protected but fashionable, and Zenni Spring Trend Glasses are here to help!

Finding the perfect glasses can be frustrating but having a checklist so to speak can most certainly help. I love that Zenni has a quick start guide on their website! Hence when selecting the perfect pair, you want to consider your face shape, hair color, eye color, and your personal style when deciding what to purchase.  You also want to look at the color, shape, and size of the glasses and Zenni glasses offers thousands of affordable styles ranging from classic and retro glasses to fashion-forward looks.

Zenni Spring Trend Glasses Review By Barbies Beauty Bits

Trendy Not Spendy Glasses
Cute headline, right and that is Zenni glasses slogan as this brand allows us to express all sides of our personality both with some fantastic Fashion-forward eyewear and prescription wear. I was sent two pairs of Spring Fashion eyewear in my Babble Boxx, and I so love them!

A pair of Beyond UV Blue Blockers:  When it comes to protecting your eyes, UV is not enough. Therefore, I love these BLUE blockers as not only do they provide maximum UV protection, but they also offer protection both indoor and out against harmful HEV of blue lights.  I highly recommend these glasses as we are surrounded by blue light, especially with today's technology from our computers and phones.

Zenni Optical Spring 2018 collection By Barbies Beauty Bits

A pair of Premium sunglasses from our Spring 2018 collection: Not only are these glasses trendy with some bling, but they are enhanced with polarized lenses to reduce glare. I love the fashion-forward round look of these glasses; I just must make sure to keep them away from my sister as she likes to snag my sunglasses!

So there you have it beauties, my Top Tips To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe And Beauty Essentials with Babble Boxx!

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