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December 12, 2016

Win A Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear And More

Win A Michael Todd Beauty Soniclear And More by barbies beauty bits

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than by showing your skin some skincare love!  And Michael Todd Beauty is helping you to treat your skin right with this awesome giveaway, including three sonic devices for three different people!

What Are The Prizes?

A Bit About The Prizes

The Soniclear Elite
Makeup always goes on best when you have a clean slate to work with, and Michael Todd Beauty has the BEST cleansing device in the world, The Soniclear Elite!  The Soniclear is the world’s first antimicrobial sonic skin cleansing system.  Offering 10x better cleansing than hands alone, making this the Rolls Royce of sonic cleansing brushes!

Dermatologist recommended, the Soniclear Sonic cleansing brushes will give you softer, brighter, smoother skin in just one use.  Producing up to 300 sonic movements per second, each of the brush bristles acts like a micro boom sweeping away makeup, dead skin, build up, clearing the pores and thoroughly cleansing the skin.

win a micheal todd beauty soniclear elite by barbies beauty bits

The SonicBlend
The SonicBLEND is the first of its kind makeup brush to use sonic technology to apply makeup. Better than rotating makeup brushes, the SonicBLEND applies makeup flawlessly at up to 400 micro-movements per second. This makeup brush easily sweeps on foundation, blush, contour, highlight, setting powder and bronzer without lines or streaks for a natural looking airbrushed-like results every time. PLUS, the SonicBLEND comes with built-in protection against microbial contamination, so the brushes stay cleaner fresher longer.

The SonicBLEND also provides better coverage, so you use less makeup (which means you save money on makeup, yeah).  Additionally, this sonic makeup brush can help improve the overall healthy look of your complexion by minimizing the possibility of clogging pores as well as irritation from rubbing and stretching the skin which can occur with traditional makeup application.

win a micheal todd beauty sonicblend by barbies beauty bits

The Soniceraser Pro
Last but not least, as honestly, this is an outstanding product if you are using skincare products, such as creams, serums, etc.  We use these for a reason and if you could get better results, wouldn’t you want it?  I know I sure would, and that is exactly what the Michael Todd Beauty Soniceraser pro does.  This device utilizes a next generation 3-in-1 technology called the Triplex Infusion™ to help the beneficial ingredients in your skincare products break through the skin’s outer barrier and reach the deeper layers of the skin. Hence, when using this device, you will get more out of your anti-aging serums and creams, instead of wasting it on your fingertips.

younger looking skin with the Michael Todd Beauty Soniceraser pro by barbies beauty bits

How Does It Work?
It uses sonic oscillations at more 30,000 times per minute. As well as Ionic and thermal infusion.  The Ionic produces negative electrons that attract skincare products to push and pull them deeper into the epidermis. The thermal portion helps by gradually warming to 107F, which is the ideal temperature to open the pores so that they absorb more of the product! 

So wanna win one of these for yourself, go here to register

Win A Michael Todd Beauty Sonicblend Makeup Brush And More by barbies beauty bits


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